Magic Praxis

I always say that the Draconian Path is 90% practice and 10% theory, however, it is not easy to be an active practitioner of magic, and this has to do in part with the expectations we have about magic itself, our daily reality, and essentially, overcome the laziness that many people have when it comes to activating magically.

I consider it very respectable to be a theoretical occultist, this is not a magician and he does not aspire to be one, he is someone who likes to read and research on the subject, they are generally very cultured, intellectual people, with a great memory and a great number of books read. This I clarify because many times it looks bad that someone is a theorist and in truth, there is nothing wrong, they are just tastes.

But going back to practice, the complex thing is to be able to cross the excuses that our minds give us for not doing, when people usually start they usually do it with great enthusiasm, but over time they lose that strength a little, that desire, and It happens that they stop doing, or do once every never. The magical practice should be something that generates passion, desire, desire to do, it should be something natural and fluid, not something forced that is done out of obligation, it is something that one has to do because they want to. If this does not happen to you, if the practices are not something natural and fluid, it is time to pause, meditate and see what is wrong. Perhaps it may be that the project you are working on at the moment you do not like, do not excite you, or do not vibrate you. So why do something you don’t like? You shouldn’t do it as the only thing it will lead to is a failure and in the end, you put aside what you are doing.

I remember that years ago, part of the magical training that I followed had a very strong Nordic side, it is no secret that I was a member of Dragon Rouge many years ago, at that time that part was an obligation, I assure you that I put all of myself, I did some explorations with some lodges, astral explorations, and magically connected with the theme. However, I didn’t vibrate, I didn’t feel like it was my thing. One fine day, and sometimes after having followed my way out of DR, I said to myself, this is not for me, it does not vibrate me, it is not my thing.

When something is for you, you feel it inside, it excites you, you investigate the hot springs, you want to know more and do about it, it is an enthusiasm that perhaps cannot be explained, it just happens, at least that’s the way it happens to me.

And all this comes to the fact that, once again, reflecting with a good friend who is taking very interesting steps on the path, I commented to him that in my opinion there is a universalism that runs through all magical practices, no matter what tradition we talk about and what driving is essential to later develop any exploration or magical project.

The Energy Model

Almost all traditions tell us about an energetic model, either the ascension of Kundalini (Tantra), the Middle Pillar (RHP), Fluidization (Spiritism), etc. What matters in this is selecting a model, and developing a series of exercises or practices that allow us to charge the subtle body with energy, these are empowering exercises that strengthen the aura, the chakras, and sharpen our psychic/astral capacities. Most of the exercises are visualizations, sometimes combined with ritual gestures and sounds. Within the draconian tradition we usually do a series of exercises, which are adapted to our western vision, of Kundalini, although you do not have to limit yourself to this, you can always use what works for you.

The energy ascension exercises can be done before other rituals, after the rituals, especially if the ritual was dense or we feel tired, or as a separate element. They can be done before going to sleep, it is not recommended, Because they tend to cause insomnia, when we get up, it can be done every day, every other day and once a week. As you will see, this is something flexible, it depends on each one, on the needs and desires, look for your balance, your time, and what works for you in your case.

Ritual Opening

Within the Draconian Tradition, we do not use banishing rituals, since it is part of other traditions, the function is to expel impure energies from the place, which is fine, but it also sweeps away the energies that we summon after our rites, and this is precisely what we do not want. On the other hand, in my view, it is rude to dismiss our guests, even if they are astral. However, in other traditions of the Sinister Path, adaptations of the banishing have been made, they are not part of what I do, but if you are interested, there are «dark» versions of this kind of ritual.

What usually I do, and this is a practice of many of us who practice the draconian path, is an opening ritual. The function is similar to that of banishing, on the one hand, we are making a division of reality, it is at the moment that we make the opening when we wear the mask of our Daemon, and we invite certain forces to empower our magic and be witnesses of what is going to happen there. In the end, and in a kind way we thank these spirits and conclude with the ritual.

In my case, I have been opening my rituals like this for years, I feel comfortable, I have had no problems and the truth is that I feel more comfortable. But since this is an individual path and without dogmas, only you can try and see what works for you, I recommend that you experiment.

Astral magic

here we can center many rituals, at least within the draconian path. All exploration, meditation, pathworking, sleep rituals, mental travels, and/or scrying, fall within astral magic. This may be one of the most confusing forms of magic, but it is also fascinating and interesting. Perhaps one of the first things that you would have to learn to develop as well, which is your astral senses.

Astral magic allows you to go to other realities, internal as well as external, to your personal and collective unconscious. On the astral plane, spells take shape and then manifest on the physical plane. In the astral everything is possible, there are no rules, at least not the same ones of the space-time that there are in this plane.

As you can see, astral magic is something significant within the magical path, and it is essential to be able to advance. Then you will realize that it forms an essential part of many of your practices.


Every magician has to master at least one system of divination, this is up to each one, it can be to learn the Tarot, the Runes, the I-Ching, the Ogham, or the Tea Strands, but it is an essential tool. In part, it allows you to develop your intuition, something that is essential in this world because it allows you to understand the subtle world around you. This is not fortune-telling, a person who handles a divinatory system well is capable of reading a person, a situation, as well as understanding what is happening inside as well as outside him.

On the other hand, doing a reading before a ritual, especially if that ritual can produce profound changes in your life or the lives of the people around you, can be the difference in not making a mistake, or doing something that instead of bringing you a benefit it will bring you harm, hence this is essential.

Invocation / possession rituals

Invocation rituals are called by spirits, demons, gods, to the psyche of the magician. It is an invitation within us. It is when we assume that divine form, where momentarily our Ego / Alter Ego runs and gives way for that space to be temporarily occupied by the summoned entity. Thus, we experience that divinity within us. What each one feels in this is different, it varies from magician to magician, but it also depends a lot on the summoned entity, since it will not be the same to invoke an entity that its sphere of power is death, a divinity that has to see with passion and sex.

One more step is possession, it is where the magician becomes a vessel of that force, where that entity gives a message using the magician’s vocal cords. Generally, they are rituals that are done in a group, although the solitary version could be through automatic writing. It is an advanced practice, and if you don’t know what you are doing, it is dangerous. Therefore, if you think about something like this, take your time, and above all, if you are going to do it with people, do it with people you trust, not with strangers, so you will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Evocation rituals

I think one of the things that frustrate people the most but has to do with the great ignorance and fantasy of the evocation ritual. To evoke is to call an entity to manifest in our temple, that is, we do not invite it into our consciousness, but rather we seek it to manifest on the physical plane. The problem with this is that we are talking about forces that do not have a material body, therefore, they will not appear as ghosts. So, to understand the message of that spirit, god, demons evoked, it is essential to have a great astral sense because we will see them with our mind’s eye, we will listen to them with our astral ears, and we will perceive them behind us as an invisible presence. We can combine evocation with scrying, or even with a tarot deck. The use of large amounts of smoke, fasting for a few days, and sleep deprivation, can be elements that allow «seeing» the Other Side, although they are not things that I recommend, they are dangerous for the psyche and the organism if it is not known what is done and can go wrong.

In summary, magical praxis, at least in the draconian tradition as I practice it, is summarized in these points. Perhaps this can help you when facing your practices.

Daemon Barzai

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