The Sinister Path

We live in an era where everything is super-simplified, concepts, definitions, and information, everything is at hand, everything is achieved, nothing seems secret or inaccessible, and yet people still swim in a sea of ignorance, and in many cases, it is because they want to. It’s still the same with the magic and philosophical concepts of the path. I find it incredible, but real, that it is still necessary to clarify what the sinister path is and what it is not and what it is supposed to contain for it to be so.

Here we go, at first, we are going to orient these concepts to the West and magic, therefore everything that is Eastern and that adheres to this concept is out of this essay, since I am not a person with knowledge in Oriental matters.

What is known today as the Left-Hand Path, before was Black Magic, no more no less, only that the term LHP became popular, and I think we all adopted it for a matter of comfort to understand what we are talking about. Here it is necessary to separate good and evil from what is magic since this only has to do with moral conceptions, imposed by society and imperative religions, which have developed a code of conduct to tell people what is right and wrong in life. However, a sinister magician should at least be amoral.

The LHP has some basic characteristics, the first is the sense of individuality and rebellion, that is to say, first of all, one is an independent being, whose success or failure is based on their actions. That is to say that if one fails, there is no blame that we can attach on anyone, it will be time to review our actions and create a better plan to change reality, be it magical or mundane. While rebellion is more of a spiritual act, since we decide to go to the forbidden, to the darkness, to what is hidden, and we do not do it in submissive ways, or with fear, but as seekers of the truth, of our truth, personal, not cheap, and arbitrary universal truth. In the dark, we find allies and mentors, gods and demons that can help us in our process of self-empowerment and self-salvation.

On this path, there are no enlightened teachers, whether they are people or organizations. However, there are always sheep, and it is in one to want to be part of a herd or to be a truly independent and self-responsible being. This does not mean that we cannot learn from others or nourish ourselves with what others publish or teach, but this will be a partial truth, the knowledge that others give should be an element of inspiration for our personal development, but not a sacred word.

A sinister magician embraces life, power, and knowledge, we must be proud of our achievements, and not believe that the ego is something bad or a sin, since if there were such a thing as a sin it would be stupidity, not the ego. I am not afraid to say that I am good at what I do. I can support it with facts. So why should I have an attitude of submission or false modesty? Simply because modern paradigms tend to speak of inclusion, it does not mean that everyone can be part of this path, this is for the strong, for the determined, for those who do not hold back before anyone, for those who do not prostrate themselves before anyone and that they are clear that the objective is power, that one can be compassionate if they want to or can be destructive and voracious if necessary.

We must stop inventing that the LHP is a path of union and brotherhood, that it is for everyone, that we can all become great in this because it is a great lie. If this is or not for you, only you can know, and that is done by working, with effort, studying, performing rituals, being consistent, and self-critical, not being afraid to say I am good at what I do, not believing that it’s all the same. We are not the same, we are unique, and at this point of being unique, the journey is different for each one of us. There are no sacred books, there are no formulas that can do everything or that are universal, the words in a ritual have power because we are the ones who give them to them, if we want to be Gods of our universes, then let’s begin to behave as such.

At the same time, it is not possible to be politically correct so that no one is offended or everyone is satisfied with our answers or way of thinking, no. We do not owe anything to anyone, no person in this life can tell us that our magic is wrong or that we should think in this or that way, there are no dogmas, this is the path of freedom, of experimentation, and yes, there are risks, it is dangerous. In the middle, many cannot stand it and go crazy, or remain in states of depression, or lose everything, and this is another reason why this path is not for everyone, but a few, for an elite, because in the end, we are part of an elite.

The demons, the gods, the spirits have been here long before man even existed, and they will be hereafter we are no longer there, they are not states of the mind or factions of the psyche, let’s stop wanting to use psychology as a means of explanation for magic, let’s stop wanting to use pure and simple science to explain spirituality, that gives me cheap, to people who no longer know what to invent and how they ran out of resources because they resort to quantum issues that only some you can understand, we are not historians, neurologists, psychologists, or astrophysicists, we are magicians, witches, occultists, adepts of the sinister path and it is time to behave as such.

I hope that these reflections serve all those who have potential and who are there doubting what this path is or is not.

Daemon Barzai

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