Qalilitu: The Evil Mermaid of the Bloody Waters of Gamaliel

Qalilitu is an evil mermaid, she lives deep in the waters of the bloody rivers of Gamaliel. She appears with the body half fish half woman, her eyes are white and burning, she also has a third eye on her forehead. She has reddish and matted hair, her teeth are sharp. It is common to have visions with underwater temples, where there are bones and skeletons of ancient victims. She is seductive and evil. She does not speak verbally but does it telepathically. She is a vampiric spirit, she can shapeshift and can teach us how to devour our victims on the astral plane. She is a bloodthirsty entity and enjoys blood sacrifices.

There are different ways to get in touch with this spirit, one of them is to evoke it through water, such as a black bowl with water. When we invoke her, she changes our astral body and we will have the ability to shapeshift, with this new shape we will be able to hunt on the astral plane. We can also invoke her in hex work, in this case, she will drain the life energy of the victim, this is a powerful ritual of black magic. In return, she will ask us for sacrifice, this can be an astral sacrifice or a blood sacrifice. Finally, we can use pathworking or dreamwork to establish contact with her.

Sigil of Qalilitu

The Underwater Bloody Temple

A Pathworking

Relax your mind and body, close your eyes and when you are ready, begin with the following visualization:

You are at the foot of a beach, the full moon illuminates the place. From the water you hear a sound, it is a scream, follow it. You are in the water, a force drags you down. Everything around you is dark and you can’t see anything. Follow the sound, you go down, deeper and deeper and you can see a red light, go there. You cross through the light. Now you are in a temple with four black columns, on the floor, there are hundreds of bones and skulls. Whispers the name: «Qalilitu» She appears in front of you, she is majestic, sensual, seductive, and evil. She is half woman half fish, she has reddish hair, her eyes are white and she has a burning eye on her forehead. She shows you an altar for sacrifices. Talk to her and ask her to teach you her powers and abilities. Don’t force anything, let the visions be spontaneous and natural.

When you want to end the experience, return to your normal state of consciousness. You can continue this work in dreams.

The Invocation of Qalilitu

Burn some incense, like musk or sandalwood, light some black candles and spill some of your blood on the seal, then say the following invocation:

Qalilitu, evil mermaid

Come from the Bloody Waters of Gamaliel.

In the name of Lilith

Queen of Hell

Lady of the Vampires


Teach me your secrets

Bloody creature that lives in the deep waters of Gamaliel

Come to this Temple of Flesh.

I invoke you seductive spirit

You who seduce your victims with your songs and with their infernal beauty

And then you devour their souls.

Evil Spirit of the Black Waters

Come to my temple

In the Name of the Dragon!

So be it!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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