Journey to the Kingdom of the Moon Goddesses

This is a ritual that is intended to be carried out in a complete lunar cycle, that is, 28 days. Each invocation and meditation will be carried out at the respective lunar phase. We will start with the moon goddess Naamah (crescent), we will continue with Lilith (full moon), then with Hecate (waning moon) and we will end with Tiamat (new moon).

Decorate your temple with red candles, light some incense to relax you, and put on some music that accompanied the ceremony.

Invocation to Naamah (Crescent Moon)




Naamah, Princess of Darkness, open my eyes and my heart to see the truth.

Let me enter your kingdom.

Lead me to the Other Side and be my guide on this journey.





Come to my temple and spread your black wings of darkness.

Tear the veil so that I can see what is hidden before my eyes.

Naamah annihilates the lies I take for truth and bless me.

Show me your kingdom and give me your power and your glory.


Ho Drakon Ho Megas!


Imagine that you are at the foot of a very high mountain. You look up and you can only see the clouds that cover the mountain peak. The weather is cold and the atmosphere is wild. You may notice that there are no signs of civilization in the place.

You see a path that goes up, the path is narrow and steep. You start to climb it, as you do, it starts to get dark and the cold is getting more and more intense, but this does not impede to keep going.

Darkness rules over the place and it is very difficult to see where you are going. You look up and you can see what the entrance to a cave would be, it seems to be illuminated by a crimson red light, that’s where you should go.

Once you arrive, a strange red mist covers the entrance, a voice in your mind tells you that to enter you must remove all your clothes. You undress and enter. The cave is illuminated by this strange light, go ahead and you see a beautiful woman with blond hair, blue eyes like the sea, naked and sitting on a luxurious throne. She welcomes you, gets up, and leads you to a large mirror, it has inscriptions around it and is black as the night itself. She touches the mirror and notes that it is a door to the Other Side. She holds out his hand and together both pass through it.

It is now when the journey begins, allow the visions to emerge and let Naamah be your guide in his kingdom.

Summoning Lilith (Full Moon)


Oh glorious Lilith, the Lady of the Bloody Moon, answer my call in this dark rite!

Open your Womb and let me enter on your powerful kingdom of darkness and shadows.

Queen of Harlots!

Samael’s consort!

You who possess the Fruit of Forbidden Knowledge, bless me on this journey with your ungodly presence.

Show yourself before me, oh Mother of the night, show me the mysteries of your kingdom.

You are the Empress of Sitra Ahra, accompany me on this journey and

Show me your hidden face.


Ho Drakon Ho Megas!


You are naked swimming in the sea. It is night and you can see a beautiful full moon that lights up the place. In the distance you see an island, you swim there. As you get closer, the moon begins to transform. The bright white moon begins to turn red, blood begins to drip from it and the water becomes thick and red. You keep swimming in this bloody red sea and head towards land. When you get to dry land, your body is bathed in blood, you walk through the place and you find a big tree, it is old and leafy. At its feet, you can see a small hole. You bend down to see and an invisible force sucks you in. You start falling into darkness, you go through the roots that seem endless and the hole seems to be infinite. As you fall, to hear a great flutter near you, you feel the wind hitting your naked body, drying the fresh blood. Lilith appears in front of you, her body is naked and it is difficult to see her face, her hair is red as fire. She unfolds its beautiful black wings and it flies around you while you fall towards the void. You notice that in one of her hands she has a small bottle with a violet liquid. She gives it to you and tells you to drink its contents. When you do, you start to feel how your body changes, and a pair of wings grow from your back. She invites you to follow her, you do and the journey through her kingdom begins.

Invocation to Hecate (Waning Quarter)




Queen of Magic, Queen of the Night I summon you.

Come Hecate, answer this call, and light my paths with the flame of your torch.

You who rule at the crossroads and are the mistress of ghosts and death I ask you to be my guide in your magical and dark kingdoms.

Give me your power and give strength to my spell to open the doors that lead to the planes beyond the realms of light and darkness.

Ancient and powerful Goddess, Queen of Witchcraft, guide me to the Underworld and allow Cerberus to let me pass through the threshold that separates the terrible kingdom from the ancient and pleasant world of the living.

Hail Hecate!


It is night, the sky is starry and the moon is in its waning fourth phase. You are in the entrance of an old ruined cemetery. The place is immense, there is great cypress dawn. You walk in and you can see a ruined temple, perhaps an abandoned church. The atmosphere of the place gives you the feeling of being unsanctified. You can catch a glimpse of black shadows sliding around the graves, you hear the wailing of souls who have not found their way to the spirit realm. You approach the ruined temple and in the distance and near the trees you can hear the howling of wolves or wild dogs. The sky begins to darken and a great electrical storm begins, the clouds are black and a lightning bolt strikes the crossroads that is next to the temple. A dark haze begins to emerge, three black dogs come out to accompany a woman in an ancient black dress, she wears a crown with a brilliant. Her skin is pale, her eyes are black and penetrating, her presence commands respect. You approach her, she stretches out her hands and a tremor opens the crossroads, tears her apart. She invites you to accompany her, you come closer and you see a very steep staircase that leads down. Come down with her and allow her to be your guide in her chthonic kingdom.

Invocation to Tiamat (New Moon)




Dragon Goddess of uncharted chaos from where everything has arisen.

Come from the salty waters and manifest your power over me.

Your blood runs through my veins, I am part of your dark progeny.

Lead me to your kingdom in the primeval darkness.

Open my mind and touch my soul so that I can see the jewels that are hidden in the emptiness and the ends of the universe.

Open your doors to your kingdom and make me worthy of receiving your knowledge and your glory.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!


Visualize yourself in your temple, observe every detail, and go through it. Visualize how an energy bubble begins to surround you, completely envelops you, and begins to rise. Go through the roof of your temple and you find yourself floating in the bubble that goes up. You keep climbing until you appear in space. Everything turns dark and the bubble bursts. Now your body is floating in space. You can’t see anything since everything is too dark. In the distance, you start to see a spark of red and violet light that gets closer and closer. When it is ahead of you the spark explodes and you can see the Dragon-Goddess Tiamat in front of you. With her fiery breath, she opens a vortex of energy that almost blinds you to its light. It is extremely powerful and you can feel its power and energy. Tiamat invites you to cross it together. Cross it and let the visions flow.

Daemon Barzai

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