Invoking Tiamat

This is an invocation ritual that brings profound transformations in the life of the initiate. Tiamat, the Dragon Goddess of Chaos, is the primal force from which everything has arisen. It is recommended to perform this ritual when the moon is in its most powerful phase, Full Moon or New Moon. Light some suitable incense, sandalwood or musk could work fine for this ritual. Put on your altar image of Tiamat or a statuette of a dragon. Also, you will need a drink, it can be red wine. The temple will be lit by red candles. Raise your dagger and proclaim:

In Nomine Draconis!

Mummu Hubur, move and arise, wake up from the darkness,

Wake up from the Abyss,

She’s the one with the terrible face when seen,

She is the one who devours and swallows life,

She is the one who brings life to those who see her face,

Mummu Hubur, Spawn of Dragons.

I come to you, as your lover, as your son,

O Great Dragon Goddess!

I am the restless day and restless night.

I seek to transform and inflame my matter of darkness,

With the flame that my father gave me.

I call you!

I am the one who has the blood of Qingu,

 I am the King of this flame inside me,

I transform my blood into poison, into the nectar of the wise.

Fill my body with poison and transform me into a Fierce Dragon,

Enveloped me in the terrible rays of your gaze,

I seek self-deification!

With your fire, I burn my weaknesses and emerge in a divine form,

I will bring your children to this world.

My spirit will rise and I will overcome all challenges,

I call you, Dragon Mush-Hushshu!


Horned Serpent!

I summon you!

Fill me with power with your weapons, manifest my desire.

Mummu Tiamat, poison me like the night, enlighten me on the burning day,

I summon your children to fill me with power,

Ox man!

Fish man!

Demon Umu!

Scorpio Man!

Rabid dog!

Demon Ugallu!

Hero Lahmu!

Dragon Mushussu!

Horned Serpent!

Giant Snake with Poisonous Blood!

Perform this spell on me, so I will be like my father Kingu, the greatest in the assemblies of the Gods,

I will model my will and my desire with the forgotten darkness.

Like your son and lover, Mummu Hubur arises in me, and fill me with your power!

Salamu Tammabukku, Elu, mush, mush, Elu, Nekelmu Ina.

Salamu Kishpu Ina, mush elu, mummu tiamat elu.

Now I drink from the Primordial Waters of the Abyss

Drink now from the chalice and visualize your spirit transforming into the image of a Dragon. Meditate for a time and open yourself to the visions that Tiamat offers you.

So be it!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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