Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 1)

Part 1

Since I started my publications in Diario de un Brujo, I have received countless emails with a question: how do I get started on the path? I have always tried to give clear answers on the subject, but unfortunately, they have not been satisfactory, they have not been able to fill the gaps that people may feel when they first start, doubts do not have a single answer and it is almost impossible to respond with a simple email to that doubt. For a long time, I was considering the idea of putting together a guide that would allow those interested to have a more complete orientation for self-initiatory work on the Draconian Path and thus be able to fill that gap that exists in today’s publications.

It must be taken into account that this path is something completely personal, and each person has his point of view and way of «doing» things. My first suggestion is never to stop thinking for yourself, it is always important to have an open but analytical mind, there are no gurus on the path as there are no teachers who know everything or explain everything, sooner or later you will realize that the teacher it is oneself and that on the path we can find temporary allies, after all, this is a solitary path. Never allow others to tell you what you have to do, for what is valid for one may not be for the other, after all, we are all here in a learning process, no matter how advanced we are in the Path, we are all learning and no one has reached the last stages of initiation, no one has reached a true Self-Deification, if someone tells you otherwise, at least question it.

The Draconian Path is a beautiful journey towards self-discovery, but it is also a journey through the adverse paths, the dark side of the universe, and the search for self-deification. The path is in essence, what is known as the Left-Hand Path, it is the Sinister Way, it is everything that we reject and deny. On this path the Gods, Demons, and Entities are seen as allies, friends, and teachers, but not as something to be feared. But, this does not mean that we should take it lightly, that they are our allies, it is not something that comes from decantation, but rather that we must gain, and this is won through systematic and organized work.

But the fact that the Path is considered Sinister, does not mean that we are in a constant war with those who do not think or follow our point of view. Today there are many orders, schools, and groups that fall into this category, and all or many of them try to impose their ideas as a truth that cannot be broken. The path is not dogmatic, but rather is eclectic, but beware of this definition, that being eclectic has its foundation, something that I will explain later, does not mean that it is worth everything, it is not that anything we do is right or that we can mix anything in a ritual. This would be dangerous and even have counterproductive results. I have seen it many times, I have met people who have had horrible experiences of these mixtures, both in their magical life and in their personal life. The most recommendable thing always is to listen to the voice of intuition, it will always tell us if we are on the «good» path.

I desire that this guide reaches all those who have a true wish to learn and progress on this Path. I do not expect that I have reached the whole world or that everyone applies it, I am from the old school that thinks that magic is not for everyone, it is for a few. But these few are not that they have some kind of «gift» or special talent, but that we are people who dedicate ourselves to this with passion in our hearts. This is an almost daily job, there are no excuses for not doing what needs to be done, many things have to be sacrificed to progress and many times these sacrifices are reflected in our daily life, sometimes it takes the form of loss, of friends, work, family among other things. It is from the time the Neophyte takes his first initiation in the Current that changes begin to happen, many of these are reflected outside, in daily life and many other times take shape in the psyche. But not everything is ordeals and tests, there are also rewards, wonderful things that happen to us, new abilities that we awaken and that many times we do not know are in there.

If this guide served you, you liked it and you want to share your results with me, you are more than welcome to write me an email. I also ask that if you are going to use this material on some web site, please respect my authorship, that you put my name for the work is more than enough. Then they have my complete permission to upload it, distribute it (free of charge), print it, or use it as they like.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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