Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 7)

Sacrifices and Offerings

Perhaps this is one of the most complex and controversial issues on the draconian path and in general within the different schools of the Left-Hand Path. The use of blood in itself is a very big taboo, and with the growth of modern magicians, these practices are being dismissed and are often considered barbaric or even unnecessary.

Let’s go step by step, blood is life, one uses blood in many different ways and it is one of the most powerful elements that the initiate has. The use of blood is very wide in magic, with the same we consecrate ritual tools, we endow them with power and we do it uniquely, we also carry sigils, seals of spirits, demons, and gods, we use it as an offering or sacrifice, and it is used to open the portals to the other side. This is not only an antinomic practice, but it is dangerous and must be carried out with full awareness of what is being done. Quite to the contrary of what you may think, we will not always use blood in the rituals we will do, since it is a very valuable element and it should not be wasted. You have to use your intuition and good judgment to know when to and when not to.

Some elements supplant the use of blood, one of them is sexual sacrifice, through self-erotic rituals or with a magical partner, the power of orgasm and sexual fluids can be used both to reach altered states of consciousness, as well as by way of sacrifice and offering in different advanced works. We also find more symbolic sacrifices, such as offerings of candles, wine, flowers, and other elements that can be used as a thank you for any favor received. However, there will be moments in the magician’s life that will need to concentrate great power for an entity to manifest on the physical plane and the sacrifice of some animal will be necessary so that through the use of blood this entity takes shape on the physical plane and thus we will be able to obtain what is intended in the ritual.

As I said earlier, all this should not be taken lightly, but I do not recommend these practices to people who are just starting on the path, rather this should be reserved for people who already have an advanced level and have a good relationship with the other side and be able to receive by different means instructions from the deities.

A magician can go his entire life without the need to make any animal sacrifice for a ritual, and that’s fine too, but one always has to be ready for everything on this path. Of course, one does not have to do something that is not convinced, this should not represent an obstacle to advance on the path or should not even be seen as an obligation. However, here we talk about the sinister path, and if you are not willing to do some things that transgress taboos, it will be better to look for another path, one that is more suitable for you and that does not imply having to carry out practices that can be considered offensive or antinomical.

I will not give specific instructions on how these rituals are performed since this is supposed to be a guide for self-initiation on the path but does not seek to cover advanced aspects of draconian magic. However, I considered that it is necessary to expose at least, that this forms part of the practice at advanced levels. One cannot simply expose the «cute» side of magic without counting the «uglier» side. Beyond this, you will see that later on and when we get to the practical part, there will be some rituals that involve the use of our blood, and here I am going to stop for a few moments and explain the way it should be done. First, our body is a temple at the time of the ritual, so we are not going to harm it, it is not necessary to hurt ourselves or leave marks, therefore, the best for when we want to use our blood, is to use a sterile needle, we prick the index finger and with that, it will be enough to make our sacrifice, with a few drops it is enough, it is not quantity but the element that has value.

As I mentioned before, always be judicious with this, all practice must be approached from maturity, do not believe that because they put a little of their blood in the sigil of a demon they are making a pact with that force, a pact is something else and It has a great and extensive ritual procedure. If you believe that something is wrong or that the use of blood is not necessary for a ritual, simply do not do it, as I said it is not an obligation but at one point or the other, it will need to be applied.

In future posts we will see specific uses of both the use of blood, sacrifice, and the use of sexuality in different rituals, this will allow us to have a broader and more practical view of the matter.

Daemon Barzai

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