Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 23)

Summoning the Bearer of Light

Continuing with the practice, this time we will invoke Lucifer in our «temple of flesh.» This will be an experience of communion, where we will seek the guidance and advice of Lucifer for our initiatory advance on the path.

The objective of the ritual is for the aspirant to discover possible paths of evolution and to better understand where he has to go. As this is an individual process (I never tire of saying it), everyone will have a different experience.

It is important to dedicate at least a week to this work since different messages can be revealed to us, they can come in different forms, dreams, images, visions, sensations, a spontaneous understanding of a situation, etc.

Undertaking this ritual demands that you have an open mind and a deep focus on what we want to achieve. Therefore, the more precision we have in what we are looking for, the greater precision we will have in the results.

To be possible, perform the ritual just before going to sleep, as this could help you to continue your dream work. Otherwise, perform the ritual during the afternoon/evening.

Place the sigil of Lucifer on your altar, put two candles, a white one, the one that represents the light of the conscious mind, and a black one that represents the darkness of the unconscious. Burn any incense that you like, it can be Dragon Blood, Sandalwood, or some other. If it is comfortable for you, accompany the ritual with some suggestive music.

Don’t forget the basic steps:

-Formal opening of your temple (invoking the draconian guardians).

-Kundalini Meditation (to make the energy emerge in your subtle body).

– Invocation of the Dragon.

After this, relax your mind and body completely. Raise your dagger and trace in the air the symbol of the «Key of the Night or Clavicula Nox». Begin by observing the sigil, and recite the following words of power:

Lucifer + Ouyar + Chameron + Aliseon +

Mandousin + Premy + Oriet + Naydrus + Esmony +

Eparinesont + Estiot + Dumosson + Danochar + Casmiel +

Hayras + Fabelleronthon + Mute + Peatham + Venite Lucifer

+ Amen.

Recite these words as much as necessary, feel how your temple is charged with energy, like the sigil of full of power. Let the energies of the Other Side flow naturally and spontaneously, without forcing the experience. When you feel ready and think you should continue, raise your dagger and begin reciting the following invocation:

In Nomine Draconis!

Lucifer, Asturel Liftoach Kliffoth!

You who carry the Light of Knowledge and Wisdom,

You who free man from the Chains of Ignorance,

I invoke you and invite you to this, your temple of flesh.

Fill my mind with your knowledge

Let me free myself from the chains that keep me from progressing

Show me what I have to see

And teach me what I must learn.

Come tonight Lucifer,

Light my path and my steps on the Path of the Dragon.

In Nomine Draconis!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Feel free to add or modify the invocation, this only serves as a starting point, but it is not static. The invocation should have some personal element that reflects the search you are doing.

It is also important to make clear that these types of rituals usually bring changes in life, some of which can be painful, however, everything that must be banished to advance, should be taken as a positive and evolutionary element and not as nefarious.

After the invocation, the ritual must take a natural course, you can close your eyes, observe the sigil, chant the name Lucifer as a mantra. This is up to the consideration and taste of each one. Just be open to the experience and let it flow naturally.

When you want to finish, just thank Lucifer for his knowledge, and end the ritual.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai.

Consulted source: Grimorium Verum.

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