Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 13)

The Dragon Ceremony

Let’s start with the Dragon Ceremony, it has several purposes and as always, each of you will discover new uses with the passage of time and practice. Among its functions, we can say that it is the one that connects us with the Dragon Current, when we do this ritual, we strengthen our spirit and soak up the essence of the Dragon. It should be clarified that when we speak of the Dragon here, we do not speak of a mythological creature, but rather we speak of the womb of the universe, of an energy that is beyond the limits of creation. However, this force throughout history and mythology has taken different forms, names, and adopted different masks. The idea of ​​this ceremony is to internalize these energies, to carry them within us, as well as to load our temple with this force. As a general rule, before any other ceremony, ritual or magical work, the procedure is carried out as follows:

First: Kundalini meditation.

Second: The Dragon Ceremony.

Third: Summoning the Draconian Guardians (this will be in the next entry)

Fourth: The ritual/ceremony, etc.

But, it is possible to use the Kundalini meditation + The Dragon Ceremony to strengthen ourselves energetically, as a daily exercise.

For the following ritual, you can use some red candles and accompany the ceremony with some incense that you like. Light the candles and the incense, raise your dagger and facing the West begins to recite the following invocation:

I (magic name) Summon the Dragon,

Great Monster of the Primal Waters,

The First Mother and the Source of All Creation and Destruction,

Monster in the Sea,

Earth Dragon,

Fiery Serpent that comes with lightning,

Whose breath is the cruel winds of the desert,

And the nourishing breeze of the fresh waters,

Dragon of the Void,

Who devours the sun at the end of the day,

Dragon of the Dark Waters,

Who shakes the ocean of dreams,

And who inflames the Desire to seek the Truth.

Great Dragon of the Apocalypse,

I call you by the names:

Tiamat – Leviathan – Lotan – Tannin -Yam – Nahar – Rahab – Behemoth – Tehom – Hubur – Theli

Seven-Headed Serpent,


Emerge within me!

Consume my flesh in your infinite flames,

Forge my soul in your eternal fire.

I open the Portals of the Night,

And I descend to the Womb of Chaos,

To emerge reborn in the Dragon’s Blood,

My body is the Dragon’s Flesh,

My blood is the life essence of the Dragon,

My soul is the Dragon Flame,

Forever burning in the Dark of Night,

And I proclaim my Will through all worlds and all dimensions.

In Nomine Draconis!

Ho Ophis Ho Archaios!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

After the invocation, focus on the power of the Dragon, visualizing how a golden fire completely envelops you, you can vibrate 11 times «Vovin» as a mantra if you want to reinforce the power of the ritual.

Once this part is finished, just close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the energies, let the visions, sensations, and other experiences flow naturally and without forcing anything, then write down all your results.

Thank you for reading.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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