Dragons and Serpents of the Abyss (V)


Within the Draconian Path, the Ouroboros is one of the most complex figures to be able to explain with words, and this is because it is not a God or a mythical Divinity that we can find mythology in itself, but rather it is a concept, it is a force, it is the power of the Primordial Dragon that embodies some concrete ideas that can only be experienced to understand. We can theorize a lot about what is or what is not, but in reality, you have to experience its power to understand. Ouroboros is the Serpent/Dragon whose tail has died, it represents the symbol of infinity, the beginning of the end, and the end of the beginning, it is the union of the opposites and their transcendence, it is order and chaos. Imagine that any opposite element can be explained through the Ouroboros.

It is possible to experiment with its power through an invocation ritual, where we will seek to absorb its essence, then allowing visions and experiences to flow naturally. This requires more than one practice to have complete results. If possible, perform the ritual outdoors, in nature, otherwise, you can do it in your temple.

For the ritual you can make use of the Ouroboros symbol, this can serve as a focal point of concentration. It will also be necessary that you have two candles, one white and one black, and aromatize your space with incense that you like. Begin the ritual by relaxing your mind and body, light the candles and incense, raise your dagger, and begin to recite the invocation:

In the name of the Dragon

I (magical name) summon the infinite energies of the Ouroboros,

You who are the beginning of the end,

And the End of the Beginning,

Fill me with your Primordial energy,

With your Unmanifest Wisdom.

You are everything and you are nothing,

You are the Union of Opposites.

In this rite, I ask you to descend on me,

So I can be like you

The complement of opposites,

The limits that are touched,

As above so below.

So be it!

Ho Ophis Ho Archaios!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

After reciting these words, open your mind to the experience, let the Dragon fill you with its energy, and give you its gnosis. As always, when you want to finish, thank them and end the experience.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai.

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