Dragons and Serpents of the Abyss (I)

I believe that this project should begin with a question that a priori seems simple to answer but that can have many possible answers: What the Dragon is? At first, I will try to answer this question from the theoretical side and as we progress in the project we will discover it practically.

The first thing to note is that the Dragon has existed in all myths, at all times and has been, and still is, an important symbol in all cultures of the world.

The Dragon is present as a symbol in both western and eastern cultures, in both it is believed that it represents the forces of nature, movement, and transformation, but it is also believed that they are the guardians of treasures, and they are usually associated with wisdom and supernatural powers. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two visions, in the West the dragon is seen as a demonic being, while in the East it has a positive symbolism. In this project, we will see the symbolism of the Dragon from the vision of the West, since it is where we belong and its symbolism is related to the Shadow and the Unconscious.

It is possible to divide the concept of the Dragon into two large groups, this idea can be traced both in Eurasia, some parts of Africa, in India, in Iran. In Europe, the Dragon is described as a being of Chaos that brings death and disorder, an idea that spread in medieval Christianity, where the Dragon was seen as a diabolical element, identified with the Fallen Angel: Lucifer.

The other group is the myth of the Dragon within the Asian culture, here the Dragon is seen as a powerful and benign being that represents the rhythms of nature that takes the form of clouds, rain and the fertility of the earth. He is often depicted as the heavenly protector of the king. It is also seen as a symbol of good luck and can give man the power of immortality.

But it would not be correct to say that there is a good Dragon for the East and an evil Dragon for the West. Since both elements exist in both, and ultimately it is only the way this force is interpreted.

Another interesting point is to see where the word Dragon comes from: from the Greek «Drakon» and from the Latin «Draconis» which refers to both serpents and similar mythological figures. Drakon also means «one with a penetrating gaze.» It can also refer to «vision» or «seeing clearly.» Dragons are described as wise beings who can see clearly, or with the ability to see the future.

With the word Dragon, we will frequently be referring to mythological beings, in the shape of snakes, but also with other animal forms, for example with the head of a horse, the tail of a snake, the wings of a bat or the claws of a beast. An example of this is the «Winged Serpents», which in many cases are the representation of what is above, with what is below, or spirit and matter. Now, the Dragon as a being of Chaos represents the Primordial element, frequently the Primal Waters, which according to myths, has existed since the beginning of time, before the creation of the world and humanity.

Working methods

The idea of this project is to go through different rituals that will connect us with this force known as the Dragon in different mythologies. Each process may have different types of rituals, which can range from simple meditations to dreamwork, invocations, evocations, etc. We will go through different mythologies, different gods-demons that embody the draconian principle, we will go from Tiamat, Apep, Leviathan, Tanin’iver, Kingu, and many more that we will see in time.

The first practice will be dedicated to making a general invocation of the Dragon, as the living force that embodies the principle of opposites, that force that spreads in the universe, composes it, and destroys it infinitely. Next, we will perform meditation with this force. We can take this as a starting point for all the rituals to come, such as an opening ceremony.

I’m going to divide the work into two days:

-Day 1-

Meditation with the Key of the Night or Clavicula Nox

As I already explained in my previous guide, the Key of the Night or Clavicula Nox is a symbol within the Draconian Current that opens the doors of the Night, and it is one that leads us beyond known time and space. The idea of this meditation is to tune our mind and spirit with the Night Current and with the idea of the Primordial Womb.

This meditation can be done during the afternoon/night, and you will need two candles, one red and one black, also some strong incense that you like, the symbol of the Key of the Night, and the tranquility of your ritual space.

The Key of the Night

Place the sigil on your altar, relax your mind and body, light the candles and incense and focus your mind on the sigil. When you feel ready, say the following opening remarks:

Ho Ophis Ho Archaios!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

In Nomine Nox!

May the Key of the Night open the Portals to the Primordial Current of the Dragon,

I (magic name) raise my spirit towards the Black Womb of the Primeval Mother,

To the Primeval Current,

Creator and Destroyer of All.

I open my mind and my spirit to see what I must.

In the Name of the Dragon!

Primal Source of All Creation!

So be it!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Keep focusing your attention on the sigil until you can fully visualize it in your mind. When this happens, observe how the darkness surrounds you, there is no up or down, there is no forward or back. After a few moments, you come across a huge door, it has the Clavicula Nox symbol engraved on it, place your hand on it and say the words: «Lepaca Nox» 11 times. After saying this, the door opens, you go through it, and from now on, the experience should flow naturally, allow it to be something spontaneous, and do not force anything. When you return from your meditation, remember to write down everything you experienced.

-Day 2-

Invocation of the Dragon

For those who have followed my previous Guide to Draconian Magic, this invocation will not be new to you. You will be able to use this invocation or whatever you have created, so feel free to be creative. However, for those who have not followed my previous guide, here are the instructions for this ritual:

For the following ritual, you can use some red candles and accompany the ceremony with some incense that you like. Light the candles and incense, raise your dagger and face the West begin to recite the following invocation:

In Nomine Draconis!

In Nomine Nox!

Tiamat – Leviathan – Lotan – Tannin -Yam – Nahar – Rahab – Behemoth – Tehom – Hubur – Theli!

Ancient Serpent who holds the universe coiled in her embrace,

The womb of the universe, who gave life to each one of the things,

Primal Source of all Creation and the Apocalyptic Fire of Destruction.

I (magical name) call upon the Void Dragon,

Emerge from the Abysses of Night and enter this Temple of Flesh.

Give me your Vision so I can see clearly,

Fill me with your Poison to destroy the obstacles in my way,

Surround me with your Fire, which will be the flame that will illuminate my steps along the Path of Night,

Fill me with your power and be one with me.

Leviathan – Tiamat – Typhoon – Lotan – Yamm – Rahab – Nahar – Tanin – Vovin!

Ho Ophis Ho Archaios!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

After the invocation, focus on the power of the Dragon, visualizing how a golden fire envelops you completely, you can vibrate «Vovin» 11 times as a mantra if you want to reinforce the power of the ritual.

Finished this part, just close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the energies, let the visions, sensations, and other experiences flow naturally, and without forcing anything, then write down all your results.

Thank you for reading.

It will be until next time.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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