Clauneck and the Lesser Magic

-Second part-

We continue with the second part of this post dedicated to the lesser magic and today in particular to Clauneck. Before going to the operative part, and evoke and invoke, we must understand a little how this works. Yes, each experience is unique, but in general, one has to have a clear perspective of what he is going to do to carry out a successful ritual.

Clauneck in particular is a spirit of Luciferian character, according to various grimoires, he is the preferred spirit of Lucifer, who has dominion over wealth and material goods. It happens that here, we enter a very complex concept since wealth is something different for each person, perhaps for some, it means having a large amount of money, and for others, it may be having success in their career or their profession. Before entering into the rituals themselves, we must define clearly what we want to achieve. On the other hand, we must understand that demons help us in our magic, in our spells or we can even absorb their energies to channel them and thus obtain our desires, but we must understand clearly that it is not that the summoned spirit will go and will bring us wealth overnight and we will simply be successful. If you go this way you will likely fail and have no results.

Demons and other spirits help us, but we must take our side, magic always looks for the concrete means of manifesting itself and it will do it in the best way, so it is essential to be clear about what we want to achieve. Moreover, before a magical operation of this type, the ideal is that you do some kind of previous reading, perhaps through the tarot, or any other oracle that you know how to handle, this will help you to have more clarity when it comes to your rituals.

Clauneck is a spirit that does not delay in responding to the magician, he is usually affable, and in my experiences, he appears in two very definite ways, either like a man, a king, or he appears as a golden mist/yellow from which a huge eye emerges, that is how I have always seen it in my visions and work that I have done with it.

Clauneck’s Call

Sigil of Clauneck

Place at least two yellow candles on your altar, in the middle put the sigil of Clauneck, burn incense to aromatize your ritual space. Perform some empowerment ritual and the necessary openings to start your rituals. When you feel ready, recite the following words:

In Nomine Draconis!

In Nomine Lucifer!

I (magic name) invoke the presence of Clauneck, Luciferian spirit who holds the secrets of abundance and opulence.

Clauneck, up and down, right and left, in front of and behind the universe, come and manifest yourself, descend on me and show me the way to achieve success in (say, name what we want to achieve).

Fill me with your presence Clauneck!

In the name of the Dragon!

In the name of Lucifer!

So be it!

As you recite the words, open yourself to the experience and let Clauneck guide you. As always at the end of the ritual, say goodbye to the spirit with a few words of thanks and conclude the ceremony.

Greetings and thanks for reading.

Daemon Barzai


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