A ritual with Marbas

Marbas is the fifth spirit to appear in Goetia, according to this ancient grimoire, he is the President of Hell, and among his powers, he can truthfully answer any question. It is also capable of causing or curing any type of disease.

This little essay is dedicated to Him, for having helped me and as an offering for his favors.

Thanks, Marbas!

When evoked, he appears promptly, has a throaty voice, and responds favorably to any questions asked. It also usually manifests its presence with some physical phenomena, such as noise in the temple and creaking on the altar. It appears very similar to the descriptions given by the ancient grimoires, a man’s body, dressed in a robe, with a lion’s head, eyes enveloped in flames and snakes emerging from his back. His powers can be used in both evil and beneficial work. If we summon it to help us curse someone, its effects extend over time, causing all kinds of problems, complications, and setbacks. Destroying our enemy slowly and agonizingly. Before executing an evil ritual with it, you must be sure that this is what we want since the effects can become unpredictable and without much chance of going back when the evil ritual is performed, you have to take it for granted done because the results will be indisputable.

Of course, it is also possible to evoke it to produce the opposite effects, it is possible to evoke it for healing rituals, as well as to break with any type of hex that may be affecting us.

It is important to proceed with respect with this spirit, and you always have to give something in exchange for your favors and help, this will be something that the magician must discuss with the spirit during the evocation.

Sigil of Marbas

The Evocation

For this ritual, a black mirror will be necessary for the spirit to manifest, light two candles, one on each side of the mirror, it can be a black one and a red one, light abundant incense in your temple. Relax your body and mind, and when you’re ready, start by reciting as much as you think is necessary and until the energies of your temple are charged with the energies of the Other Side, the mantra Zazas Zazas Nasatanada Zazas. After you’ve done this, spill some of your blood on Marbas’ sigil and say:

Marbas, accept my blood as your offering, answer my call, manifest yourself in this black mirror.

Put all your attention on the black mirror, raise your ritual dagger, and recite the following words of evocation:

In the name of the Dragon,

Marbas, President of Hell,

I (magic name) call you tonight in my temple,

Show yourself in this black mirror and answer my doubts wisely,

I seek your help in (say the reason why he is being called)

Answer my call, manifest your powerful presence.

In the name of the Dragon!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Keep all your attention in the mirror and the name Marbas begins to vibrate as a mantra. Keep your mind open until contact occurs.

The call words are just an example, you can use your own words or if you prefer, say some spontaneous words, what matters here is the intention with which they are told.

When you are ready to end the ceremony, thank the spirit for its presence and help and end the ritual.

Daemon Barzai

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