The Hypersimplification of the Sinister Path

            For those of you who have been reading me for some years or know me in the field of magical work, you already know that I believe that neither magic nor the Sinister Path is, or will ever be, something that everyone can do, even though there may be several discourses going around that claim otherwise. It is that, as with anything else, not everyone has the necessary abilities, desire, will, or intelligence to do it. I understand that this may seem like an elitist speech, and it is, but I have never hidden this. I have always said it, and I will continue to say it because I am convinced that for those who have that spark, with the right motivation and the proper training, it quickly becomes a mighty fire.

            But beyond this introduction, a little today I come to talk, to reflect with you, something that never ceases to amaze me every day, and that is the idea of the extreme simplification of the Sinister Path and its many schools of thought. Let’s see; I understand that today everything is at hand, that it is only a matter of placing in the search engine and boom appears, the book in PDF, and that the material that before was for those who were prominent members of this or that order, we can all have it and so on. And while this is complex, on the one hand, at the same time, having so much freedom and access to information is refreshing, or rather, it could be. It is impressive how people have folders with hundreds of pirated digital books that they will never glance at in their lives; it is like a digital accumulation. That is to say that it no longer matters that the information is there; people do not use it directly.

            Then we run into the serious problem of how everyone perceives themselves. Since we are in the age of digital offense, I know that many people will feel touched or hurt by my comment, but come on, it is just a matter of being honest with oneself, and you will see that there is some reason in my words. I start with the modern Satanists, those who go around the social networks denying the existence of Satan and snorting at anyone who thinks differently, go around complaining that the Catholic church did this or did that, but defend tooth and nail abortion, ecology, feminism, and leftist or anarchic political thoughts, as well as animal rights and veganism. In my day, many years ago, being a Satanist was something else; people did not go around identifying themselves as Satanists and protesting if someone ate meat. At the same time, these modern Satanists are more moral than morality itself, and they have such a dogma that everything that does not conform to what they believe or say is wrong, and they go out to battle against others who think differently. But the worst of all this is that they do not understand that Satanism without Satan is nothing. If we remove that key element, it would be something else; they will be more like nihilists, atheists, or activists, but not Satanists. If you have never gone through an initiation, done a satanic ritual, or done satanic magic, then I am sorry, you are not a Satanist.

            But this does not only run with Satanism. Feminism, and I want to clarify that I have no problem with such a movement, has wanted to monopolize the figure of Lilith. So many other dark female divinities as part of their icons, completely cutting off the true essence of these divinities. Many of these people believe that only those born with a vagina are worthy or capable of working with these forces, where men should be excluded. They, being women, are naturally witches or sisters of the Dark Goddess. Let’s see, once again, we must stop; the sexual organ you were born with does not give you any gift; it does not give you any power, potency, or connection with anything. Let’s not talk nonsense. I am a man who has been working with the Dark Feminine for years. It is one of my magical pillars; I write about them, illustrate them, love working with them, understand their nature, and don’t take away those things I’m not particularly eager to make them suitable for all audiences.

            Then we find these watered contents, people making videos on social networks with mediocre meditations, with symbols that they don’t even know where they got it from, or what the real meaning of what they are doing, with the only intention of getting a like or doing what is «fashionable» in the occult world. I am shocked when I see, or rather hear, Qliphotic meditations without content, sense, or foundation, but in what world are we in? When did traveling through a Qlipha become as superficial as watching a soap opera? Then we see many unbalanced people talking about what they don’t know or, worse, with their lives in pieces for playing with chaotic forces that they don’t know how to call or contain.

            It usually happens to me, from time to time, that someone sends me an email first complimenting my work and then asking me for a miraculous magic formula to achieve contact with this or that entity when I explain how things work, or I send them to read, I have no more response. This is the other big problem I am talking about; people want everything solved and someone else to do the work for them. If you have to read, there is always an excuse; if you have to do, there is always an excuse, then what ends up happening is that people are lazy, both intellectually and operationally. When you do not have results, or you are always at the same point, it is not the fault of the other but of yourselves for not wanting to understand that magic demands an effort and that there is no formula, that the power resides in the magician and not in the recipe. Then people cry when others take advantage of this and sell them at absurd prices, initiations, pacts, and other meaningless promises.

            This simplification extends even among those who ever do; some people believe that everything can be solved with a simple sigil, a little piece of paper, or a phrase that expresses the desire; we cross out the repeated letters, make a drawing, and that’s it. With this mechanism, we can get everything. Once again, the sigil works for specific cases; it is a tool that can allow you to have things in the short term. It is something else that one can use, but nothing will happen if you do not know how to meditate, visualize, enter into a trance at will, and not know how to project energy and your will outward. Something similar happens with guided meditations; they are great as long as you understand them as a tool that allows you to travel to the astral plane, but not everything can be reduced to this.

            Thanks to the extreme simplification of things, people do not use such valuable stuff as researching beforehand, seeking to understand how this ritual can affect their lives, they do not use divination tools, and they do not take advantage of lunar changes, magical hours, or correspondences. People want everything simplified, without effort, without study, without training. Then, when the consequences of ineptitude come, they can’t go crying. Things can change, but it requires a conscious effort from the people who want to do something serious with this. I have nothing to gain by doing things neatly; I have been doing them that way for many years, which is why my magic works. It saddens me, and at times, it makes me angry when people do things by not wanting to make an effort. They do not do them or talk as if they were great magicians or great initiates, but when it comes down to it, their life is a disaster, and they do not light a candle.

            Magic, spirituality, and the Sinister Path can never be taken lightly, not if you are serious about it. Why do we take this as something that anyone can do, but a career in neurosurgery is something for a few? It is time to be clear, and honestly, seeing so much superficial crap gets tiring at some point.

            Here, there are no dogmas or absolute truths, but neither, at least I speak for myself and my spaces; there is room to applaud stupidity, lack of knowledge, the narcissism of some with pretensions of power and invented ranks, nor the lack of knowledge for the sake of it. I prefer the elite; I prefer those who do, those who study, strive, and work with their magic, who understand the real Antinomism and not the political trinket that some want to do with all this, the Sinister Path was, is, and will be for a few.

Here I am and will be for all of you who make this Path genuine.

In Nomine Nox!

Daemon Barzai

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