The Draconian Evocation

When it comes to evocation, people often have a lot of «fantasies» about it. The inexperienced magician thinks that by reciting some words from an ancient medieval grimoire, the spirit will appear and fulfill all his requests because no, this does not work this way.

Among all the branches of magic, evocation is undoubtedly one of the most complex to learn. And this is because to be able to evoke and have decent results you must have a good astral vision. The spirits, demons or entities in general, always hear our call, in fact, they already know why they are called. It is not necessary to threaten, insult them, or being impolite. The concrete fact is that whenever you approach any magical work you must do it with respect, respect is not fear, the gods, demons, and spirits of the draconian path are our allies, they are not our slaves, one has to respect the fact that these Beings are primal, much older than us and they are owed respect as we owe respect to our elders. As long as the spirit wants to help us, it will or we can reach a deal and thus we will get what we want.

The first thing we have to get out of our minds is that the evocation is complex (in terms of ritual elements), but that at the same time with practice, time and patience we can achieve it. We have to have a realistic vision on the subject, if we hope that after a ritual of evocation the spirit physically appears before our physical eyes, this will not happen, the spirits need material means to be able to manifest, it does not have the density of matter, so it can not just appear and now. This is the reason why we must have a good developed astral vision. The ideal for the evocation is to have a magic mirror, the mirror will be a portal to the Other Side, a window with which we will be able to see beyond, but they will also be able to see us from the Other Side. Another interesting option when it comes to an evocation is the use of water, a black bowl full of water is a good way to get in contact. Water in itself is a portal to the astral plane. When we have made progress on this, we can use other means, such as smoke (a considerable amount is required) or fire. Other elements to keep in mind are darkness, a dim room helps a lot, the tranquility of the night, the phases of the moon, when the moon has more power (full moon and new moon) are ideal moments for everything related to magical practices, we can also take into account the magical dates in the year, the equinoxes, solstices, etc.

Now, the draconian magician does not use magic circles, triangles or similar elements, the contact is direct with the spirit to be evoked, this is simple, we are not ceremonial magicians, this is already another topic and many treatises speak about the theme. On the other hand, if we use a magic circle, we do not do it with the function of protecting us. Do we need protection from our allies and spiritual teachers?

The use of the name of the spirit as a mantra helps a lot in these practices, we can also make a call, we can write it, it does not have to be stiff, it has to be clear and meaningful for us. The use of special mantras like the word «Lepaca» or «Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas» are usually very powerful to open the doors to the Other Side.

Once we have come into contact with the spirit, we can make a request or learn from it. It takes a long time to see something in the mirror, but the manifestation can occur in many different ways, an idea that is not ours can arise, some magicians have great telepathic talks with the spirit and others have some intuitions. Also, and after practice, we can place the sigil of the spirit under the pillow and send a message telepathically so that it enters our dreams.

By way of conclusion, the practice of evocation is arduous, there are many methods, forms, and systems, the practice makes perfect and over time we will be able to discover new forms of contact with the Other Side.

Daemon Barzai

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