The art of evocation (Part 2)

Part 2


To be successful in magic in general, but in the Art of Evocation in particular, it is only necessary to know what one is doing. Evocation is an advanced practice, but how advanced? You have to have previous training in magic to be successful, it is not something that can be done in the first steps, and expect to have great achievements. It’s possible? Of course, there is, there is no fixed rule in anything, and a person who is just starting may have a great result.

            The first thing we have to take into account is that the ancient grimoires are full of superstitions and things that are useless for a modern magician, it is not that everything is ruled out we can take many elements from these texts but much of what they propose or is unfeasible or goes a bit against our philosophy, such as trying to call a Demon in the name of «God» or threatening that if he doesn’t do what we want there will be consequences. This way of working is not only not recommended, but it also is disrespectful and has no place in either the Left-Hand Path or Draconian Magic. It must always be clear that we are talking about beings that belong to another plane of existence, even if we would like to see them on the psychological side as simply projections of both our Personal and Collective Shadows, they still deserve respect when dealing with them. Remember, they will be allies and mentors, not slaves who will do our work under threat.

            But regardless of the origin or nature of what we are going to evoke, the biggest flaw that initiates have in this practice is to expect a spectacular appearance in the middle of their temple, something similar to what we can see in a scary movie. This is nice to see in a fantasy, but in reality, it doesn’t work like that. Although there may indeed be physical phenomena, such as noise, wind in closed places, temperature changes, or feeling of presence on our back, among several other things, this is only a «collateral» effect of the practice and we do not what is sought If we take into account that the spirit/demon/entity that we are going to evoke does not have a physical form, a subtle means by which it can be manifested will be necessary, and it will depend clearly on the vision of the magician, that is, on his psychic capacity to be able to perceive to said entity, and in advanced stages to be able to have fluid communication. Following this, it will be necessary to have a tool to perform scrying, that is, a mirror, abundant smoke, water, a crystal, etc. With this instrument and our psychic ability, we can contact the Other Side and carry out our work. Although it may seem or sound simple, it is not, because it requires time, patience, and a lot of practice, so do not despair if you do not have results at first, just keep trying and practicing.

            Before starting your ritual, you must previously investigate several things, the first is to be clear about the reasons why you are carrying out the rite, you have to know why and what you are doing it for. Is it just curiosity? Are you looking for help with something specific? Are you interested in better understanding the nature of that entity? The motivations can be thousands and vary from person to person. Once you are clear about this, the next step will be to choose who to call, for this, there are endless options, and that is when the classic grimoires are of great help because they usually have a huge catalog with names, descriptions, and seals, a good start to find someone to work with according to your current needs.

            In my experience, everything is evocable, that is, every entity can be summoned, although it is true that some are easier and others not so much, the further away from man, the more primordial, the more complex it is, because its nature is more complex to understand, and his gnosis is usually much vast, while closer to earth and man, simpler. But this is a matter of trial and error, in the end, what counts is your experience.

            Also to take into account, the experience you have is not the same as what you read in a book or someone else’s experience, the grimoire may describe the spirit in such a way, but at the time of the ritual your perception of it is completely different, this is something natural and there is nothing wrong. First, we have to understand that the description of the book is how that person perceived it at the time, not an absolute truth, second, the entity is not subject to the laws of physics, so it can be shown however it pleases, and third, the experience is conditioned by the mind of the magician, so your preconceptions and your subconscious mind will cause your perception varying. Again, there is nothing wrong with this, however and as a general rule, you do not have to take anything for granted, nor as absolute truth, a message from the Other Side does not mean a prophecy for humanity, perhaps it is something that has to do with your life, be it magical or personal, avoid falling into fanaticism and megalomania, something very typical of many «magicians» today.

            In the spiritual world as in material life, nothing is free, and everything is an exchange of energies, if you ask for help from the Other Side and this help is manifested in your life, it is necessary to make an exchange, never promise things that you cannot fulfill. You don’t want an angry demon in your life. A simple offering can range from a candle in his name, burning incense, or other things such as writing an article to spread that spirit, an illustration, etc. They are all useful items. To be very clear, no demon or other entity is going to ask you to do anything illegal or stupid, be consistent, if there is something that does not make sense it may be that your mind is deceiving you and it will be better to stop what you are doing. Self-responsibility here is a given.

            For the following practical example, I decided to do it with Belial, my choice is because I have a great appreciation for him, and because he is a spirit linked to the earthly plane, he usually has a good response among novice magicians, and above all, it can be useful in the first steps. Here we will use the classic sigil of Belial, the one that appears on the Lesser Keys also known as the Ars Goetia. However, feel free to use another sigil if you wish, as well as to modify the calling ritual or adapt the entire ritual to your personal needs. In draconian magic, we use neither triangles of evocation nor circles of protection since we do not see demons as a threat to be kept away, but as mentors and guides, the contact is direct and without barriers, but again, adapt it to your needs.

-Sigil of Belial-

            For the following ritual, you must have some things on hand, a black mirror through which Belial will manifest, Belial’s seal, your ritual dagger, and some incense or mixture of the same that you like. If you use music in your rituals, you can incorporate it, and two black candles.

            Place the mirror on your altar in such a way that it is comfortable for you to observe it for a prolonged time without causing you discomfort, on each side of the mirror place the two candles, in front of it the sigil of Belial and on one side or in front of the container with the incense. The ritual can be carried out during the afternoon/evening, and it is essential that you remain calm and not be interrupted during the process. Turn off your cell phone, turn on your ritual music, stand in front of the altar, relax your body and mind, and start performing some energy ascension ritual, it can be a Kundalini meditation or another one that you are used to. Open your ritual space, this can be done formally if you are used to it. Light the candles, raise your dagger, and repeat the «Key to the Abyss» 11 times as a mantra.

“Zazas, Zazas, Nasatanada Zazas”

Visualize how the portals to the Other Side open in the mirror, this is no longer a simple object but a space where you can communicate with Belial. Light the incense, raise your dagger, and recite as often as necessary the following call:

In Nomine Draconis!

In Nomine Nox!

The Portals to the Other Side have been opened,

The Key of the Abyss has been pronounced,

This impious temple is ready to receive the presence of the magisterial Belial,

Earth Demon, Lord of the Dark Oracles,

Knower of secrets forgotten by man,

King of the demons and the spirits of the pit,

Mighty Belial, come to my temple, manifest your presence in this mirror, let me hear your voice, and know your face, show me your dark gnosis,

I call you to: (declare the intention of the rite),

In your name, I have lit this incense, as an offering, and in your honor,

Give me (say what you want).

Once we come into contact with Belial, raise the dagger again and say:

I welcome you Belial to this unholy temple, I ask you to show me clearly what I have to see.

In the name of the Dragon!

At this point, focus your attention on the mirror, allowing the experience to flow naturally. You can take notes of what you see, or you can do it after the ritual. When you feel that the experience is coming to an end, raise your dagger again and say the following parting words:

Great King Belial, thank you for your assistance, return to your kingdom, and may there be a good alliance between you and me.

Blow out the candles closes your ritual space as usual, and end the ceremony.

Daemon Barzai


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