Let’s talk about Dream Magic

Dear readers, in today’s essay I want to talk about dream magic, since together with the rituals of evocation, they are in my opinion one of the most complex skills to master, and it is something that runs through the draconian tradition all the time.

Dream magic is still a form of astral magic but in an even more advanced state. That is to say that what is intended to be achieved with this is to control the dream while we sleep and to be able to explore the astral, come into contact with different divinities, achieve the prophetic dream or explore other regions. At first, this sounds promising, and when we see the techniques that many of us expose, it sounds simple, it seems that a simple meditation before going to sleep would be enough to achieve the desired results. However, this is not the case. I have met many magicians during these years, very competent magicians, but when it comes to working with dreams, their results are far from being able to achieve the desired objective, even this has happened to me many times.

The first thing to know is that dream magic has different stages, the first is the psychological stage, that is, the first dreams that we are going to have, have or are going to have a personal character, in many cases symbolic, that they will reveal hidden aspects of ourselves, of our personality. This is the first area that we are going to come across, it is mostly like that. The second stage is the awareness of the dream, also known as lucid dreaming, it is being aware that we are dreaming, and that can allow us to have control of what is happening there. The third stage is that of the astral, at this point we already have dominion over the dream and we can go out to the astral, summon entities, or explore entire regions.

While this sounds promising, it is not the same for everyone, because dream magic requires deep patience and a great will to work. After all, it can take years to master the technique, and this is where people lose interest and quit the practice. The first thing we have to take into account when starting is to have a Dream Diary, this can be a notebook, next to our bed, and every time we wake up, before anything else, we write down what we have dreamed, and if we do not remember anything, we also place it. Quickly, we will begin to see how that journal grows, and we will see how we begin with an introspective journey. The next step will be the incubation of the dream, that is, we have to mentally program ourselves. First to dream of something specific, that is, when we go to bed we have to make a series of statements: «Today I am going to dream of this or that thing, and when I wake up, I will remember everything.» This can be a long process, therefore, we must arm ourselves with patience, when we achieve this, our next step will be the incubation of the lucid dream, and for this, we must affirm something similar: «today, when I am asleep, I will have the awareness that I am dreaming, and when I wake up I will remember everything. « Once we have achieved the lucid dream, we will be ready for dream magic, that is, we can successfully achieve any ritual that has this sphere as its objective.

To all the aforementioned, there are some things that we have to take into account, the first is that there are people with a unique capacity for these forms of work, therefore it is something natural and it works very quickly, and there are others who need work and train to be successful. In addition to this, many times we can have visions in dreams that are spontaneous, and simply this or that divinity contacts us or shows us this or that thing. This leads to another theme, suppose we have been working with Lilith, a ritual of several days with several steps, we are successful in the first days, the final day has to do with a contact in the world of dreams, but nothing happens or She does not appear, but she had no longer given information or revealed things through other ritual means, so it is clear that the contact does not occur because we already had the information through another means. This is something that many people ignore and get frustrated at not having results.

Finally, in the world of dreams, there is an option that is not widely considered or is not discussed, which is the state of waking sleep, a technique similar to that used in «Yoga Nidra» that is to say, wearing the body to the state of sleep, but leaving the consciousness awake while we perform the desired ritual, something similar is obtained with the «Eroto-comatose Lucidity», another technique that can also be very useful to explore the dream realms.

Daemon Barzai

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