Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 6)

Gods, Demons and other Spirits of the Path

There are many visions and interpretations of what these entities are or are not, but one of the problems we have in the modern era is to underestimate the enormous power that these beings have, many acts as if these forces were only dark aspects of our unconscious or part of the collective shadow of humanity. These new-age theories are not only partial but are not correct, psychology is a wonderful thing, in the hands of a professional, we should not confuse reading a book by Jung and believing that everything is an archetype and nothing else. Demons, gods, and spirits are real, they are forces that are on other planes of reality, on a spiritual plane, much more subtle than that of matter and that it is possible, through the appropriate rituals, to access them.

Many of these forces have never had a human existence they are older than humanity, so the work must be approached with respect and conscience, otherwise when things go wrong there will be no room for regrets. This also leads me to another topic, many are those who advance rapidly along this path or at least achieve rapid changes, but it is necessary to always remember that none of us all have any god or deity tied to our will, deities are beings thinkers who act according to their own will and who are willing to help as long as they receive something in return, do not work for free for anyone. In essence, they are amoral, that is to say, they are neither good nor bad, morality is not something that is their responsibility, since this is something that comes with the men and their social development, if the magician has enough will and knows how acting accordingly will be able to invoke the powers of the deities and generate changes in hit reality, this includes all kinds of issues, good and bad.

To progress on this path in a real way, one must return to the origins, this does not imply returning to fantasy or superstitious thinking, we live in a modern era and modern techniques work very well, but on this path, there is much more than just visualizations and mental travel. I think that nowadays the link with what magic always was has been lost, and the real power is no longer sought, but people sit at their computer to talk about magic and to have endless debates about occult philosophy. Magic is something that must be lived to be understood, it is part of the life of a magician and it is not something that we can do as a mere hobby. This path, like any other of the left side, is also based on taking risks, of facing things that we do not know and gaining your trust and approval, it is not as simple as meditating and waiting for the visions to fall from the sky. A true magician knows that he has to be willing to do anything to achieve his goal, he knows that he will have to sink into a well stinking of shit (sorry for the word) and then emerge reborn. Many of the rituals that are not talked about or even that many pseudo-magicians say that they should not be done include blood, rituals in cemeteries, rituals of sexual magic, etc. Not everything is resolved with a simple symbolic sacrifice, this is a very good thing for some rituals, but not everything can be solved in this way.

It is not my intention that this is misunderstood, many of the advanced rituals of the path, have elements that can be considered as a taboo, but that is part of what makes up the path, we cannot simply remove them because we do not like it, it is part. From the relationship that we will establish with these deities, removing them would limit us to a superficial and vague initiation, where there would be no real progress. Despite the effort that some make, I still maintain the same thought, the path is for a few…

Daemon Barzai

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