Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 5)

Orders, Temples, Groups, Circle, and Teachers

This post has been edited to avoid hurting susceptibilities, but it helps me a lot to give another approach to this. When we start with the world of the occult, we tend to be a bit lost, especially because with the use of the Internet, we have hundreds of possibilities, information everywhere, electronic books, and endless sources. One of the biggest problems we have in occult communities is that everyone pretends to have the truth, it often happens that people act as if they have the truth of the universe, this is unrealistic, nobody has the truth, maybe we can all have part of the truth, but not the whole truth. On the other hand, if we continue with the idea and the concept that this is an individual spiritual path, nobody can tell us for sure which truth works well for us. On the contrary, we must face the titanic task of seeking and forging our path, in this way each initiate will have something different to tell according to the personal experience they have had. Some basic principles are accepted by all of us who walk the draconian path, that is, certain exercises, specific beliefs, and some ideas of how the Qliphotic map works.

Here, however, the debate opens, how useful is it to work with a formal order, temple, or organization? Everything will depend on what we are looking for, we tend to need to interact with other people and that leads us to these searches, what the orders have, is that just as their name says, they order us, that is, they give us guidelines, structures and programs to acquire basic knowledge about the path, but then we must make our path, according to what we receive from our work with the gods, demons and other entities that accompany us during our initiation.

As for teachers, it is a more complex issue, people who work on the left path do not usually recognize with the authority of a teacher anyone, but we can recognize the advanced work of other followers, but I do not know if someone can be considered as a teacher, only to the gods possess the true gnosis, man is only a channel in some cases to transmit such information. On the other hand, a teacher does not have to be a person, it can be a book, a web page, more in this information age.

For me, what works best is the lonely path, it is a very good way of advancing at our own time and pace, of course, this is highly demanding, it requires a lot of commitment to the path on our part, nobody will be there to tell us what to do or how. This conclusion has not been something haphazard, on the contrary, it comes from experience. The path confronts us directly with our shadow, but also with our ego, working in a group often implies having to deal with the ego of others, and if this is not well managed it ends up turning into a complete disaster.

My suggestion, don’t be fooled by false mirage, or by prophets who claim that this path is for everyone, the path is for those who dare to walk at night, plunge into darkness and take risks. This path is for those who are not afraid to plunge into the Womb of Primal Chaos and return reborn in the form of a god (self-deification/process of divinizing consciousness). As long as we remain in this plane of existence, we can advance on the path, we can have great achievements, but we do not stop being human beings, with virtues and defects, but still human. Follow the voice of your intuition that it never fails us.

Daemon Barzai

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