Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 22)

Today, we are going to discuss in a theoretical and practical way the figure of Lucifer within the initiatory process. Lucifer is a god/demon who has many masks and disguises, new ways of manifesting are presented with work. Many are light, others are gloomy and dark. However, here and for this training, we will focus on Lucifer as the one who carries the Light of Knowledge. Although a priori it may seem light, it is not always so. Knowledge is power, and power liberates or drives you crazy, it all depends on how you handle it. Here Lucifer teaches us how to free ourselves from the chains that do not allow evolution, however, this is not to be taken lightly. Since freeing ourselves first supposes passing and transcending our limits, limits that will not be the same for all of us, and this is clearly because not all of us have the same cultural background, way of life, etc. To reach the Light of Knowledge, it will first be necessary to immerse ourselves within the darkness, but this will not be external darkness, on the contrary, it will be our darkness, the one that we do not want to see in ourselves. This supposes something deep, and hard, for that reason it is necessary to understand that the trip that we will do here will take time. How long? That depends on each person, what I have to learn, what I have to confront. But above all, one must always keep in mind that this process, one is not alone, but will be in the company of Him: Lucifer – The Bearer of the Lux-.

Sigil of Lucifer

We will start with a simple practice, which will be to meditate for at least a full week on the sigil of Lucifer. Place the seal on your altar, relax your mind and body, get into a comfortable position and for at least half an hour, observe the sigil, while reciting the following mantra:

«Lucifer, Asturel, Liftoach Kliffoth.»

Recite the mantra as much as you think necessary, open your mind, let the experience flow. If there are images try to remember them, if there are thoughts the same. Anything you can gain from the experience, write it down in your journal. When you want to end the experience, just be thankful for Lucifer’s presence and end with meditation.

Thank you for reading.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai.

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