Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 21)

Dear readers, we continue with the practical guide of the initiation to the Draconian Current. In this case, we will continue working with Lilith. My recommendation is that you take your time to work with Her, you do not have to skip steps, on the contrary, you should try to have good results before continuing with the next practice.

If you have been doing the past practices with some regularity, this ritual shouldn’t  be complex for you. However it does not mean that you have to have results immediately, it may happen or you may have to continue practicing. The most important thing is to dedicate at least two weeks of work to this rite, a whole week on the Full Moon and another whole week on the New Moon, this must be done without interruptions in between.

The ritual will focus on invocation and dream work. For what it will be necessary that you have two candles, one black and one red, the sigil of Lilith, and some incense that is to your liking. The ritual procedure will be done with the formal opening of your temple, a Kundalini meditation, and the Dragon Ceremony. All this will allow you to adjust your mind to the energies that you are going to summon.

With the burning candles and incense, focus all your attention on the sigil, let your mind wander, do not force anything, just let your mind melt with the symbol of the Goddess. If visions, images, sensations arise, everything is welcome, try to remember it, and then write it down in your magic journal.

After this, the next step will be to reinforce the practice with Lilith’s mantra:

«Lilith, Layil, Ardat-Lili, Laylah»

Once again let your mind melt into the sigil, allow the energies emanating from there to fill your ritual space, as well as your mind. Try to remember each of the details.

When you feel ready, standing or sitting, raise your dagger and begin reciting the invocation:

Lepaca Lilith!

Goddess and Demoness,

Lady of the Sitra Ahra,

Come tonight from the Other Side,

I (magic name) invite you to this Temple of Flesh,

So that we can be one

Fill me with the Gnosis of the Blood Moon,

Let me know the Secrets of the Path of the Dragon.

Take my soul on an ecstatic journey of Pleasure,

There to the Secret Lair where the Secrets of Immortality rest.

Allow me to drink from the Forbidden Chalice,

Oh, Great Lilith,

Consort of Samael,

You are the Dark Matrix,

The Progenitor of Demons,

Who frees Man from Slavery and Ignorance,

But you mock the Puritan and the Ignorant.

Lilith, I ask you to fill my mind and my soul with your gnosis.

In the Name of the Dragon

Primal Source of All Creation.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

After these words, just relax your mind, allow yourself to feel the presence of Lilith in your temple, let her touch your mind, fill you with her knowledge and her power. Do not force the experience, let it flow naturally, and do not forget to write down each of the details after the experience ends. When finished, just thank Lilith for her presence and finish the ritual.

Dream Work

Lilith being a divinity that rules over the Moon, dreamwork with Her should be something natural and fluid. However, this requires a lot of practice in most cases, so do not get frustrated if at first there are no great results or you cannot get a fluid contact with her. Do not forget to write down any detail you have seen in your dream diary.

This part of the ritual should be repeated after the invocations and before going to sleep. But it is also possible to do it at any other time, as a separate ritual that will serve as the basis for other similar practices.

At first, place the sigil of Lilith under your pillow, and once lying down, relax your body and your mind and try to bring it to the brink of sleep. Begin to visualize the sigil of the Goddess floating above you, in the black space that surrounds you. It seems to glow a reddish color, and blood drips, it is not flat, but pulses and appears to be alive. Having achieved this visualization, mentally repeat Lilith’s mantra:

«Lilith, Layil, Ardat-Lili, Laylah»

And in your own words, formulate the desire to keep in touch with Her in the world of dreams. If you wake up during the night, repeat the exercise one more time. If you are consistent with this, the results will be glorious.

I hope you liked this part of the guide.

It will be until next time.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai.

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