Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 19)

We continue with the search for the development of the Night Vision and the Astral Masters, here we will work with another spirit that appears in the Grimorium Verum and said spirit is Morai, another innate master of astral vision and who can teach the future magician to develop its capabilities.

However, this time it will not be me who gives a specific technique for the work, but it will be in charge of you. Why? Simply put, a magician or a future magician who is unable to express his creativity through ritual will have little or no future on the Draconian Path. I am not saying that this is a simple task, but with effort and work, it is achieved without a major problem. Remember that this path is 90% doing and personal experiences and another 10% the search for theoretical knowledge.

Morai’s Sigil

Beyond not one technique or another, I will give you some «tips» so that you can base your work.

1- At least dedicated to this work three weeks in a row, systematic and orderly work is important, and above all daily, draconian magic demands daily work to progress.

2- Always do Kundalini meditation, this is fundamental, working with the chakras is essential for good psychic development and a real connection with the Other Side.

3- The Dragon Ceremony, another fundamental element for magical work. First that puts you in contact with the energies of the Draconian Current, helps to develop the magic fire, and thus purifies both your spiritual body and the environment in which you are working.

4- Call to the draconian guardians of the temple. A fundamental element especially in works of evocation, invocation, and others that demand a great amount of power and that the call to said forces is justified. Summoning these energies generates a balance, creates a wall, and contains the power generated by the ritual.

5- The work with Morai should begin with a simple meditation with the sigil and mantralizing its name, as much as necessary until you feel the presence of the spirit in your ritual space, as well as until visions or contact with said force arise.

6- Do not stop practicing different scrying methods, this takes time but when you have results it is something excellent in contact with the Other Side. Use different mediums, water, black mirrors, ordinary mirrors, fire, smoke.

7- Look for contact with the spirit through dreams, meditate with the sigil before going to sleep, visualize this symbol in your mind until you fall asleep, sending a mental message to the spirit to guide you in the dream world. Again, this takes time, but when results are achieved at will, it is a wonderful thing.

8- Never forget to write down all your experiences. This seems silly at first but over the years, having a written record will help you to contrast many experiences.

Finally, be creative in your work, from the inspiration received by the spirits, create your invocations, rituals, and new working methods. Always test results, never give anything as valid from the start, everything has to be tested, this is the basis of serious and balanced work.

Thank you for reading.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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