Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 15)

Clavicula Nox

In the draconian path, there are a series of symbols that every aspiring magician must learn to use since they are part of the current. Today we are going to start with one of them and it is the Clavicula Nox or The Key of the Night. This symbol has been represented in different ways, I bring you my vision of it, but you can make your own according to your personal experiences. Its functions are multiple and contain many «mysteries» that each magician discovers over time, so in the different stages, we can give it different uses. I am not going to extend too much in the more advanced functions, but basically, it is a key that opens doors to other planes. Among its more advanced functions, it opens the doors between dimensions, something that in Typhonian knowledge is known as the «Mauve Zone» to have more references on the subject, I recommend that you read Kenneth Grant. Dragon Rouge developed a similar concept known as NOX-XON that basically and in my experience is the same. Many associate it with the Atlantean Current and the Gods of the Outer Void.

All aspiring magicians must have their astral skills well developed, this is fundamental and from now on we will concentrate on exercises that will increase in complexity so that each of you can arrive most optimally before taking the initiation into the current.

The Key of the Night/Clavicula Nox

The exercise that I propose to you is simple but very effective, start with the Kundalini Meditation and then perform the Dragon Ceremony, once you have finished with this, focus your attention on the seal of the Clavicula Nox, allow your mind to fill with the symbol. When you have it completely engraved in your mind, start by visualizing a door, it is up to you how this door is and in it visualize how this symbol is engraved. Place your left hand on it and mentally say: «Lepaca Kliffoth» 11 times, the door opens and you go to the «Other Side.» Open your mind to the experience, let the visions and sensations flow naturally, do not force to see, just let the experience flow. You can do the same exercise before going to sleep, this also helps enormously to start having astral experiences in the dream world, remember to write down all your experiences.

Do this exercise as much as you think necessary, but do not stop doing it daily, until it becomes completely natural and you have clear visions of it.

Thanks so much for reading.

Daemon Barzai

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