Dragons and Serpents of the Abyss (II)

Tiamat: The Great Primeval Mother

Tiamat is one of the oldest manifestations of the Dragon’s energies. This is a ritual of invocation to Tiamat, Goddess of Chaos whose primary aspect is the energy of darkness, mother of demons. In Babylonian mythology, Tiamat is personified as the Mother-Goddess, it is the Salt Water of the outer Ocean surrounding the universe known to people. She is the first of all gods and from her body and her blood, the earth was created.

For this ritual you will need red candles and a chalice with red wine, it will represent the Blood of the Goddess. The practice will be done in the following order:

 Do a short initial meditation (a Kundalini meditation or another form of energy ascension.

We will focus for a time on the seal of Tiamat mentally or aloud we will repeat this mantra: «Tiamat Tehom, Liftoach Kliffoth»

Sigil of Tiamat

The Invocation of Tiamat


Mother of Gods and Demons, of the Forces of Darkness, Immortal Mother!

I want your Energy, I want your Life!

In this Dark Night, I summon your power, fill my existence!

I, your magical child, wish to find you in the depths of my soul!

I summon you Goddess of Salt Waters, Mother of Darkness! Hear my call and enter my Sanctuary and my Existence, allow me to transform myself spiritually, and feel your power!

I am united with the Great Dragon!

Fill me with your pour!

The Blood of the Dragon runs through my veins!

The black fire of the night surrounds me, empowering my existence.

The Key of the Night opens the door of darkness, the one that will enter the temple of my body.

Trace with the ritual knife the symbol of the Clavicula Nox.

Allow your existence to unite with mine.


Fill me with your dark flame, wrap me in your black veil, so that the darkness of life and the Black Flame envelop my soul!

Eternal Goddess!

I wish to be reborn in the Blood of the Dragon!

I offer my blood in return!

Make a few drops of blood as a sacrifice, which should be spilled on the seal of Tiamat. While the word «Vovin»

Visualize a portal opening in the temple through which the energy of the goddess flows.

Complete the invocation with the following words of power:





Ho Ophis Ho Archaios!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Drink the ritual wine from the chalice, feeling with each sip that we are filled with the fire, the blood, and the power of the Dragon. You begin to transform and are reborn in the blood of Tiamat that is now in you.

Sit in a comfortable position. For a few moments fix your gaze on her seal, feel the mystical and energetic connection, and what she represents. Close your eyes and keep your mind open to the visions and experiences, flow with the current, and surround yourself with the energy that it emanates.

Thank you for reading.

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai.

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