Works in the Qliphotic Tunnels

One of the most frequently asked questions by adherents of the Draconian path is how to work with the other tunnels beyond the one published in the book by Thomas Karlsson (QQGM). This essay will explain how to work beyond the Thantifaxath Tunnel.

When one feels it is time to explore other tunnels of the Cabalistic Tree of Night, it is important to focus on contact, for a long time with that tunnel. The key here is hard work and persistence. This can be divided into two periods:

The first, the adept can draw the seal of the tunnel he wants to work with, this is an act of magic in itself, then he places it on his altar and will meditate on it for a few days, whispering his name or using it as a mantra. At this point, it is important to have a clear and open mind, without expectations of any kind.

Then, after the initial period, one can begin to study its correspondences and characteristics of the chosen tunnel, such as its zodiacal correspondence, elements, planets, and especially its corresponding tarot card.

Each tunnel is connected to a Major Arcana of the tarot, for example, Thantifaxath with the Arcanum XXI of the tarot «The World», or Raflifu is connected to Gamaliel and Samael and has a specific Arcanum XIX «The Sun».

The tarot can be an immense guide when one ventures into the Qliphotic tunnels, due to its vast symbology, keys, and hidden formulas. Traditional tarots can offer many dark interpretations, that is why the study of decks such as the Marsellés or the Rider-Waite is suggested, this presents several keys to the Qliphotic worlds; If a card has a “light” description, one can spend some time imagining or better, figuring out what might be seen as a dark version, what doors can be found inside, and how they can be used to enter the tunnel.

I will give a small example: Arcanum XVII «The Star», corresponds to the Tzuflifu tunnel: one can see a luminous representation of a constellation of stars shining on a beautiful and virtuous woman, who spills water on the earth and a lake. One of the esoteric meanings of the card is the flow of knowledge that comes from the highest spheres and reaches the initiate, through the waters of the supernatural worlds.

One can interpret the dark side of the card too, the entire set can be nocturnal, the woman can look somber and sensual, she is channeling the vibrations of the other worlds through the corrosive or bloody waters that flow from the earth and the initiate, destroying its limitations and accelerating the alchemical processes of transformation. All these elements can help in the creation of a pathworking of the aforementioned tunnel.

The analysis of the card can be combined with other elements, such as astrological correspondences. The Niantiel tunnel, for example, is connected to Arcanum XIII «Death» and its corresponding astrological sign is Scorpio: this connection offers much to speculate regarding the energies and nature of this powerful Qliphotic zone.

One can also combine a meticulous study of the symbolism of the Arcanum and its astrological relationship over the years, for example, analyzing the hermetic meaning of Scorpio to obtain more esoteric knowledge. This could be combined with the magical impressions of the adept that he has obtained in his meditation.

Combining these techniques, the initiate can create his rituals and meditations to continue advancing in the work with tunnels of the Cabalistic Tree of Night.

Consulted material for this essay: Dracontias # 3 – 2010.

Daemon Barzai


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