The Dark Master

Today the figure of the Dark Master is almost a mythological being, a figure that weights the distant past and we see him as something or someone in a state of extinction. In part this is true and in part not, what we have to understand is that times have changed, things have been transformed, and some people have opted for other ways a little less rigid, which makes the figure of the teacher and the disciple is no longer completely necessary in the modern paradigm. The simple explanation for this is that many people prefer to do a solitary path and above all, in a self-taught way, and on the other hand, the excess of hyper-simplification makes people not want to commit in-depth with anything or with nobody.

            Those who know me, know very well that I am not very much in favor of hyper-simplification because this is what has created a lot of ignorant people, not to mention that it has been, and continues to be, a very fortuitous market for people who take advantage of the other. To make it clear, some examples come to my mind, people read a paragraph of a book, do not read the entire book, do not enjoy reading comprehension, and run to send a message to have a conformist response that tells them what to do. They want to listen and you give them an instant formula of success in what they are proposing, when they have the answer: «You must read the entire book, or exercise the basics before trying to achieve great results«, people simply feel offended and stop responding. This is one of the main reasons why I do not respond to inquiries because people want something that I do not offer, an illusion or a lie, instead, I propose hard work and effort.

            Being even more explicit, today we find a wide market of pseudo magicians that sell all kinds of services for people interested in the occult, for example, necklaces that are supposedly consecrated to demons that appear in the Ars Goetia, initiation rituals, channels, and pacts with Lilith, Samael or Lucifer, the supply and demand is very wide, and for a good price, you can get almost everything. I want to make a reservation in this regard, I have no conflict with money. or with the people who give, in a serious way, a workshop or a course. I know many people who do it and it is formidable, which produces my itching is to see these other people offering miraculous solutions, contact in the spiritual world, and much other nonsense at ridiculous costs. Those who buy these services are unsuspecting poor who seek simplification and a quick solution to something they cannot achieve. The question I ask you is why do you believe that this service or necklace would somehow put you in contact with that spirit and give you what you want? If you do not know how to meditate, if you do not have your astral senses developed, if you have not managed to have a good relationship with that entity, simply because you pay it will not change. And this must be said, those who offer these things are scammers who play with the illusion of others, who have no ethics of any kind, and who just want to get money because they know very well that what they offer does not work way. This is when a Dark Master gains strength because that person is going to instruct you to be the one to do the work, not for someone else to do it for you.

            In turn, we must understand that the Dark Master of the old school does not have much space in the modern world, since we live in a world where people are quickly offended, the era of digital offense, and on the other hand a world of «crystal people» where everything is cruel, strong, unpleasant, and so we can continue. These new generations instead of going to a cemetery at night to perform a necromantic ritual, prefer to imagine that they are going to the cemetery, then they do astral necromancy. Ok, I love astral magic but believe me when I tell you that it is not the same. Using blood in a ritual is taboo and let’s not talk if some practice demands something stronger. So what can a dark master do? the path that remains for him in modernity is a bit of reclusion, seeking to expose his ideas and teachings by other means. There are no disciples who want to learn the art, it is unfortunate but it is like that, hence the absence of teachers.

            However, I do not want to end this article with just a criticism, I firmly believe that the path is self-initiating and that no one can tell us that if what we do is right or wrong, we will be the ones who must see the results we have. of our practices. At the end of the road, the true teachers are the spirits with whom we interact, but for this to be so, it is necessary to work hard, train, read, exercise first the basics and then the more advanced, develop a bond and a connection with On the Other Side, only there will we be able to accurately receive the advice and guidance of the spiritual world before it may be a self-deception.

            Remember that there is no worse enemy than the lies we tell ourselves.

Daemon Barzai

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