The 13 Gates to the Realms of the Dark Goddess

The 13 Gates to the Realms of the Dark Goddess is a book on astral/stellar and dream explorations, a practical work for those interested in touring and exploring the spaces governed by the Great Dark Mother, one that has different facets and names, found in all the mythologies of the world. This is not a book on mythology or history, but a ritual book that was written for active magicians and practitioners.

The above is a small but concrete summary of what my last book is about. It is not news to anyone that feminine spirituality, especially the dark side of it, is one of my magical/spiritual pillars. This project lasted almost three years of work, it started in Argentina and I finished it already living here in Italy.

All this started a few years ago, I was working very actively with the various manifestations of Lilith, when the time came to work with Qalilitu, she revealed 13 sigils to me, although without further explanation of them, she just told me to open it and explore them. Sometime after this, when I finished Lilith’s explorations, I started meditating with each of these symbols, it was an interesting first experience, discovering 13 doors that lead to different kingdoms, those that are ruled by the Great Dark Goddess, the Archetype of the Primordial Night, of the Dark Mother, who manifests in many and diverse ways. Here it takes the form of different guardians, who introduce and guide us in exploring each of these kingdoms.

I can say that each of these spaces is something unique and that each guardian has very interesting mysteries, there we can learn about the most diverse things and develop very interesting capacities. It’s just a matter of taking this journey with an open mind.

I wrote this book in a practical way because it is based on exploring astral realms, these explorations are not limited to a single technique, but we can make use of infinity of different things, it all depends on what things we identify with more. In each kingdom, you will find an explanation of what the space to be explored is about, as well as the possible manifestations of the guardian. In turn, there is a pathworking or guided meditation that serves as the starting point for each exploration and then a dream ritual. At the end of the 13 explorations, I included what I called the «13 Gates Ritual» which is a call to the Dark Goddess in her different manifestations. It is a rite of passage, in which we will seek to integrate its power into our lives.

In conclusion, this is a first and foremost practical book, written by a magician for magicians it is a book on magic and astral / dream exploration, with a strong imprint of the LHP, although it is not closed to this and I think that anyone with a genuine desire from working with dark feminine spirituality, you can find several things here. Finally, each gate has its sigil as a grayscale illustration of each of the guardians as I have seen them on my travels.

The book is in English, in two formats:


Kindle -Print replica-

Thank you for reading.


Daemon Barzai

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