Some frequent doubts

The idea of this post is in response to some questions that have been asking me repeatedly, I hope that this can answer with greater clarity some of these essential concerns.

Left-Hand Path Vs Right-Hand Path

I consider that I do not have to explain each one, but if I would like to clarify some concepts. When we speak of one path or the other, we are simply speaking of a philosophy position and not of physics or chemistry. That is, we speak of bases of thoughts that allow, in one way or another, to explain how we understand and see the magical world. And being that, a philosophy, although the words are somewhat broad, gives for all kinds of conjectures, some personal, other collective ones, and many that are invented for this or that reason. What happens behind is that they are going to find more «fundamentalist» people, who are going to want a kind of enmity between both positions. I do not adhere to this and I explain it simply, I do not need Manichaeism to validate my convictions. Nor do I need to say that what the other does is wrong, it is more dirty, commercial, cheap, copied, etc., etc., etc. to make mine better My position is simple: balance. The draconian path is based on this principle, duality is sooner or later overcome.

Messiahs and Teachers who will guide us to Self-Deification

One of the biggest problems that people encounter on this path, and not only when they are beginning, many already entered in time, is that they are in the eternal search for a messiah, that teacher who knows everything, who has all the answers, and that he has reached dark enlightenment before anyone else, that they look with disdain and sorrow at the rest of the poor humans, and that their life is one of absolute joy, power, and fullness. I regret to tell you that such a being does not exist, it is not real, it is a construction of virtual marketing that has been made around him/her, and this is achieved quickly and easily. There is a noticeable growth of this, and I wonder, why does this supposed messiah want to imitate the mainstream religious movements? Am I not supposed to try to seek spiritual independence? I have several answers to this, but I reserve them. But this is where I want to get, to you, who are reading me, you do not need a messiah, a super-powerful order, or a teacher who has a direct line with Lucifer, Lilith, Leviathan, Belial, etc. Do you know why not? For two reasons, the first, when people come with the idea that such a god, demon, or entity X told them that they have to build such an order or such a temple, it is a lie or they have delusions of power. Suppose that an entity or divinity tells you something like this, in any case, it will be for you, for your personal growth, but the gods are far from having any kind of interest in tearing down supposed structures or touching anyone with a magic wand. You do not need the messiah, you can connect with the gods, demons, spirits, etc. How? Working, training, it is not overnight, but you can do it yourself, and what more pleasure than doing things for yourself?

Self-deification comes over the years, from many initiatory processes, but not to confuse the curriculum of an order, which are degrees and programs armed by a human being just like you or me, then with the individual and personal process we do in the Qlipoth, where the journey is unique and personal for each of us.

I close this by saying, do not believe everything you see, not because it appears on Facebook, Instagram, or in a YouTube video is real. It sounds silly, I know, but it pains me when I see people applauding these kinds of things that are far from having any real value, and only reinforce the stereotype that the other is superior.

Daemon Barzai

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