Rationality and the Dark Spiritual Path

I do not want to overlook some questions that I have been observing for a long time in this part. To my liking, these are not subjects that make me feel completely great, but from time to time, it is necessary to make some reflections. I think that the issue of the Pandemic has been complex for everyone, and I don’t want to get into this because I’m not a doctor and I can’t talk about what I don’t have real knowledge about, but I can’t stop saying this has affected many people, it is only a matter of entering any social network and seeing in many cases what is happening.

One of the things that I see is that there is great confusion, the Left Path, above all it is a philosophy, no more no less, it is what it is, a very elastic framework that allows us to define our concepts of spirituality. Hence many different schools take the Left Path as part of their philosophy, such as Lucifianism, Demonolatry, some forms of Satanism, the Draconian Path, etc. Because of this, things are not uniform or linear for everyone, there are no dogmas, therefore, each one with his personal experience.

However, I think that many have not understood that this is not a fight against the other side, which thinks differently or works with other things because those are other spiritual paths, which are as valid as any other. Now, many people confuse things and believe that the darkness has to do with hatred, with not having ethics of any kind, or with carrying out practices with anything that society considers taboo.

Mr. @ s, it is not necessary to follow the Left Path to make an orgy, or have free sexuality, what’s more, there is no taboo in sex for many of us, we have full and free lives, that does not mean that everything counts, respect, care, balance, and above all responsibility. You will say why does he say this? Well in recent times, I see people who are supposed representatives of the Left-Hand Path, people who have high ranks in orders of «renown» with a lot of impunity taking cocaine in a Facebook video, or people with the same renown talking about hard drugs and proposing as a challenge on YouTube not to take them for a month, or do the same people appear in videos mutilating their faces with a razor, as part of I don’t know, a ritual? To be clear, each one in privacy can do with their body and mind what they want. But I am a bit sad to see how many clap this, and I want to tell you, no one serious, balanced, who has advanced spiritually, mutilates the body in the name of a demon, because no demon comes to request such an act, let’s not forget that our body is a temple, but we do not use drugs either, because it does not help anyone, it kills the brain, it is not an act of spirituality, but an act of stupidity. I’m sorry for the addictions, but you have to be clear, these people are not dark teachers, they are poor people with a problem, it will be up to us to see this. Dark spirituality is performed in the privacy of our temples, not in a video, if we use blood in rituals we do it in a non-destructive way, that is, with a hypoallergenic needle, with a simple prick of the index finger, we do not cut our fingers, body. And as for drugs, one thing is the indigenous cultures that have used plants, and they know what they do, and not artificial drugs that the only thing they achieve is to kill the brain, and I tell you, without a brain, there is no magic, there is no initiation, there is nothing.

Quoting Lisa Simpson: «We can be better»

Daemon Barzai

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