Mušmahhu – The Silent Annihilator

Mušmahhu is one of the Demon-Gods of Tiamat. There are very few references to the 11 Demons. When Tiamat created them to fight the God Marduk, she created them as an army, as powerful weapons, their bodies instead of blood contained poison, but in addition to knowing this, we only found small descriptions of their appearance. In the case of Mušmahhu we know that it is a snake/dragon that sometimes has four legs and sometimes that crawls on its body, has horns and its poison is absolutely deadly.

For quite some time I have been working, as a personal project, in collecting and learning about these Demons, everything I will be published here is part of my gnosis, all the rituals have been tested and all have shown to have excellent results, both in my initiatory path as well as in real life. The Demons of Tiamat are entities little known to many magicians, they are ancient, wise, and extremely powerful. Part of his knowledge can focus on magical warfare and evil work, but as always, we can go one step further. Not everything is said with them, there is much to learn and I am still learning from them. This will be a series of works and rituals that I will upload over time if you have any questions or want to share any experience, feel free to write to me.

Mušmahhu is a Chthonic snake, it appears as a huge brown/gold snake, it usually floats or flies, but sometimes it crawls. Its eyes are white it is a snake that is blind, it has two horns on its forehead and between them, it usually has a deep red flame with an all-seeing eye. Sometimes she carries this eye inside her jaws. Mušmahhu has an intimate relationship with the Nigredo, the state of putrefaction, within his powers is the astral poison that can be used both to magically attack and to defend ourselves from some magical attack. The astral flight is something that can also teach us, as well as to develop the Vision of the Night. His mouth is the entrance to the «Other Side». Throughout these writings, I will upload a series of pathworking and then an invocation with its respective seal. I hope you like it, let’s go to practice…

– Mušmahhu and the Cave of Transformation –

-A pathworking-

You are in a forest, it is dark and the trees are old and somewhat gloomy. The moon illuminates the place, in the distance, you can hear the whistle of a snake calling you by your initiatory name. You follow the whistle, you walk several steps and you see a huge snake, it is gigantic and imposing. It is golden in color, its eyes are white, it has a pair of horns and between them, it has a flame with a large eye. She stares at you and telepathically asks what you are looking for (declares the intention of the ritual). Mušmahhu is transformed into a stone statue, now his mouth is the entrance to a great dark cavern. You enter it, the place is dark and it can hardly see. Several snakes cross your feet and they all go forward, follow the snakes. Finally, you end up in an even bigger cave, in the middle you see a lake with green water, it emits toxic vapors. These fumes make you dizzy, but you have the strength to keep going. You approach the lake and see that there is a large rock with a chalice with great ornaments, you take it and collect some of the green liquid. You drink it, at this moment the pain is very strong, it throws you to the ground and your body begins to transform, you are no longer a human being, now you are a snake, you see how a snake sees, deadly poison runs through your body You can not only crawl, you can also fly. With your new shape, you can travel to other spaces, planes, and places, you can also use your poison to attack magically. Now it’s time for you to discover the new powers you have…

When you are ready, thank Mušmahhu and end the ritual.

Daemon Barzai

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