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The world has been changing, since I started in the world of magic almost 30 years ago. Although when I began to be interested in all this I was a young man and there was no internet, yes, there was a world without social networks, without the internet, you had to go to the library and look in paper catalogs. This was a different time, magic and occultism enjoyed other values ​​as well as other respect. Things were changing, the world changed, for better and for worse. Today no one can say that information is not at hand, even what was unthinkable years ago, such as obtaining the secret documents of an esoteric order, today it is only a matter of knowing where to look, occultism is no longer hidden, well, not really, not at least for those of us who are old school.

            But there is a truth, either you adapt or you stay, without further ado, there is no other option, I can stay reminiscing about old times or I can stay current, at the end of the day, I am a young person, who gets along very well with technology. Although in an idyllic one could teach a course in person, as I have done so many times in the past, in today’s world things are virtual, through platforms such as Skype or Zoom, which is fantastic because it allows for better interaction with people from other places, people who for geographical reasons could never access. All this and after a vacation that I took some time ago, it made me want to start teaching again. Beyond what I always publish here on the blog, and in my books, I feel the desire to do much more personalized things, hence two things emerged, on the one hand, the courses, and on the other the personalized consultations/tutorials.

            The courses are much more than a simple PDF, that would be like selling you a digital book, and it is not my proposal. The courses are weekly, where there is a material that the person receives by mail, a study material, carefully balanced between theory and practice, with a series of activities that they have to carry out. The person is expected to present a detailed report each week, which is corrected by me individually, and in addition, there are different meetings via Skype or Zoom. All this is what allows giving a real guide and course as it has always been done, but adapted and using modern tools.

As for the personalized consultations/tutoring, I will start by clarifying what it is not, they are not tarot readings, we are not going to talk about your matters or your private life, or how to solve the dramas you have with your partner. They are tutorials and advice on magical issues, the consultation revolves around a specific issue that the person needs, for example how to create a certain ritual, we can analyze an initiation process, we can see techniques to improve lucid dreaming, or see how to get in contact with such or that divinity. They are magical tutorials.

When I announced this a few days ago, I received enormous support from many people, and I am infinitely grateful for this, I even had some somewhat unfortunate comments that I will clarify once. First, I have the easy block, a comment that I consider has no reason to be, I delete it without further ado, if it is unpleasant, I automatically block the person, both from my profile and from my blog or page. The pseudo purists who came to tell me that it is wrong to charge for teaching, I have some news for you, the first one is I charge for my time and my knowledge, just like a university professor does, or someone who gives a marketing workshop, I charge because I live in the real world where you pay for services, food, etc. My role is to teach, I am not promising miraculous cures, love spells, curses, or anything like that. Second, no one can deny that I am a generous person with my knowledge, I have had a blog for years with a huge amount of free material available so that anyone who wants to start with this can do it without spending anything, there is a complete initiation guide to the Draconian Path available at no cost. I have translated the entire blog into both English and Italian to make it even more accessible to everyone. My books are also available in several languages, in paperback at an affordable price, in Kindle format at an even more affordable price, and free for those who have “Kindle Unlimited”. But my offer is even more generous, people have gotten tired of pirating my books, they are in various Facebook groups, run by people I know, who have spoken to me, who have mutual friends, and never, ever said anything, I did nothing, I did not report the group or ask my contacts to delete the material. If this doesn’t generosity, what is generosity? That is why before speaking, criticizing, or falling into the error of giving an opinion about something that you do not know, I recommend that you take a closer look at everything I do selflessly for magic, for the occult and because people continue to be informed. Some things are a privilege, not a right.

Without further ado, here are the links for those interested in the Courses and Consultations:


Tutorials and Magical Consultations:

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