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Today I want to talk about a topic that goes for everything, «The Pacts.» When I say that it gives for everything, I tell them that last year I have received all kinds of messages and emails, asking how to sell the soul, how to make a pact with Satan, to call this or that demon and then agree and sell the soul, how much I changed for making a pact and the list goes on. What always caught my attention about this type of message is that they are supposed to be people who are involved, in one way or another, in the occult, and that they are not «outsiders» who saw a movie, or listened to this or that story, and from one day to the next they want fame, fortune, and uncontrolled sex. Faced with so many peculiar requests, who will already know how it has ended, and those who do not know me, or do not answer, or simply explain once the reason for the refusal of my answer, I decided to do this little essay, seeking to explain from my experience how are the pacts and what can be expected of the subject.

The first thing we have to understand is that the Pact with the Devil, as it is known vulgarly, is a belief that comes from the Middle Ages, more specifically the inquisition, before this, there is no record on the matter. Therefore, we can assume that the sale of the soul, is an invention of medieval Christianity, to accuse supposed witches of trading with the devil, and then be able to torture and kill them. However, these beliefs spread, to the point that we find formulas in books of ceremonial magic, which explain the way to conjure this or that demon, sell the soul, and thus obtain wealth, and everything that one proposes. However, this comes with a cost, and that is that after X years, the person dies, always from terrible causes, and will spend an eternity of suffering in hell. What is the problem with all this? that the people who have written this have never summoned a demon, therefore they have no remote idea of ​​their nature. On the other hand, for all this to have some kind of sense, we must accept several things, the first being the existence of an all-powerful God, and a direct Adversary of him, two kingdoms, heaven and hell, and that the soul it can be sold, in exchange for a few years of pleasure. I think you can do infinite analyzes on the subject, the guilt behind it, the idea of ​​sin, and so many other things, but I would not finish this essay anymore, so I am not going to do it. I think this is simply superstition and that it has nothing to do with a real pact or even what a demon is.

First, let’s clarify, a demon is a divine intelligence (the classic definition of demonolatry) and not an agent of evil, which seeks to corrupt the souls of good Samaritans, and then lead them to hell. The soul, if something like this existed, cannot be sold, and on the other hand, there is no real interest on the Other Side in buying souls. But if it could, the question is: is an eternity of suffering and slavery worth it for a few years of pleasures on earth? I think the answer is obvious.

So far, we talk about what a pact is not, we see what it is. A pact is a ritual way of establishing a relationship in the long or medium term, with this or that spirit, in which both parties commit to carrying out this or that action. However, I regret to tell you that no pact solves everything in our lives, or gives us everything we want, nor will we be rich, or famous, or full of success, and whoever says otherwise, is lying. I ask you to show me some of all these magicians who are more or less known, who are supposed to have great pacts, being millionaires, famous or full of opulence. I’m sorry but the truth is that they have to work, they sell their services for an amount of USD, and that clearly shows that the fantasy that many sells, is only a trade, and that it is for the unwary.

From the draconian perspective, the first pact that is made, known as the «Dragon’s Oath» is what makes the initiate an adept, it is a commitment that one assumes to follow this tradition as a way of life. But then we find other types of pacts, some with our patron gods, once again, they are deals or forms of relationship. One could make a pact with this or that spirit to achieve its power and influence in material life, but this will not give us the dream results from one day to the next, a piece of knowledge will not come through osmosis, nor will money rain from heaven.

I am going to tell you an experience, this happened many years ago, I was a teenager and was going through Satanism at that time. Who was my mentor, he was a person with very dubious origin moral, but an excellent dark magician. One fine day, a mutual friend appears stating that she wanted by all means to have a man who was married, she did not care about this, he wanted him only for her. Various rituals were performed on this gentleman, and she had him, as a lover, but it was not enough, she wanted more. One fine day, she raises the possibility of a pact, and my mentor tells her that he was willing to conduct the ceremony. That night everything was prepared, and she requested that this man is only for her, and a long list of things that she wanted, the pact was accepted. Days later, this man leaves his wife and young children to go live with the woman who made the pact, everything seemed to be going wonderfully, but, the man began to have problems to be able to have sex, he left her at night, he started drinking alcohol, and one day, he beat the woman who had forced him to be with her, to the point that he left her in the hospital. The moral of this is, the forces of the Other Side can grant us what we want, but when we only intend to use them, there are consequences, and in magic, nothing is free.

To recap, the pact should be an initiation ritual, a long or medium-term spiritual alliance with a patron deity, or with a magical current. It can be used for personal purposes, as long as we know what we are doing, and when there is no other resource to exhaust. The pact is something personal, there are no infallible formulas. To be able to do this, we must master the evocation, otherwise, we cannot know the answer of the Other Side, there is no possible pact. So many times there are no results because this supposes something advanced. The pacts are not collected or sold, do not fall into the hands of all these charlatans who sell services, no one is going to give you an infallible formula, because there is no such thing. Do not spend money that you do not have so that others tell you something that is a lie, even if the person is known or appears on YouTube or has several books published.

I leave you two books for you to read on the subject, they are useful and well explained:

Pacts With the Devil: A Chronicle of Sex, Blasphemy, and Liberation by S. Jason Black and Christopher S Hyatt.

Daemonic Pacts S. Conolly.

Daemon Barzai

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