Let’s talk about boredom and magic

Perhaps it may sound like a topic that is not connected with the path, with spirituality, and with advancement within the occult. However, you would be surprised how lack of enthusiasm and boredom affects so that there is no magical progress. We are going to break the topic down into several pieces so we can understand it better:

When we start in the world of occultism and magic, everything is new, everything seems fascinating, mysterious, we want to do everything and we are ready for everything. We begin to read on the subject and our first admirations for this or that magician begin, and we want to be like that person, to know what that person knows, to do the rituals that that person does. There comes a time when we take action on the matter and take a step beyond reading, and we begin to do, for this to happen, in general, we adhere to a philosophical body that convinces us and we look for a magical school or tradition that we of the bases within magic. All training begins with the energetic part, followed by things a little more complex such as the awakening of the astral senses, Scrying, and then give way to invocations, evocations, initiation rituals, dream work, manipulation of reality, etc. Many are those who get to take the first steps but for one reason or another, they do not advance beyond the first initiation. In certain people, this happens because the magical current with which they have decided to work is a lot for them, it has caused very sudden changes in their consciousness and they are not ready to move on, which is understandable, since perhaps and due to lack of experience, they did not know that something like this could happen, but in many other cases, simply what happens is that lack of interest, enthusiasm is lost and a long career of boredom begins in whatever occult tradition they cross.

Here and at this point many may think that to choose the right magic current for one, one must put things into practice to see if they work for one or not. In part, this is so and in part not. In my experience, one can work throughout life with different traditions it is normal for this to happen because at certain times we are ready for one thing and at others for another. However, for this to have coherence, this tradition must be deepened, we must advance in it as much as we can, and reach the last steps of the initiation, not only take some practices and then go in search of another tradition and thus add endless of magical currents shoot each other. Due to this, we find that a person is meber of the Golden Dawn, Thelemite, Mason, Luciferian, Santero, Palero, and at the same time members of four more esoteric orders. Do you think I’m exaggerating? I invite you to see for yourself, ask the people you have on your social networks to see how many of these things they adhere to at the same time, and I assure you that the answer will surprise you.

The first problem that I find with the above is: at what time can people do so many things efficiently? the day has 24 hours and beyond the daily activities, I believe that each practice consumes energy and concentration. The second problem is that in the end, you cannot be an expert in everything, because it is not possible to deepen everything from experience and live it as a form of genuine spirituality, that is why many occultists talk about everything, but deep down, they don’t know much about anything, at least not in-depth.

The problem with all this is not to investigate different traditions until we find our own, that is great, we all have to do it, find what helps us for our progress. The problem is that there is a wrong approach, the first thing to see, that no matter how it is done, simpler or more complex, each magical school proposes similar forms of work, that is, they will all begin with the energetic strengthening of the astral body, the chakras, etc.  As I say, the exercise will change, but the end is the same. As people get bored of always doing the same thing, they run off to see if this or that order or school or tradition has something different to offer until they happen when in reality it is a bit the same but with other words of power, other visualizations, other divinities, but in the end, it had to do with awakening the inner power.

And so? How is it solved? In my experience, I don’t think there is a single solution, there will always be nonconformist people with everything, but this has to do with the fact that their focus is wrong, the power does not reside in the ritual, in the word or the symbol, these are only triggered for the mind to be able to tune into the Other Side, the power resides within us, within the magician, we are potential gods, the divine spark is in each one, it is only a matter of re-awakening it, but for this to happen, we must train, have clear objectives, go forward. Choosing a tradition and starting in its current is a decision that must be made with conscience, not lightly, not because it is a fad, not because others do it, it must be something that we feel inside. Nobody runs us, there is time, before taking an initiation, let’s investigate, let’s try, but let’s not get married, let’s do one thing at a time and not all at the same time, let’s not mix everything. In this way, the results will be real, and not because this or that person says so, because we will see them and there will be no room for doubt about them.

Daemon Barzai

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