Le Dragon Noir – An Introduction to Necromancy

Necromancy is as old as man himself, in all ages there have been different forms of necromancy. Contact with death and the dead is something that has been considered taboo for a long time but sooner or later every magician has to face this concept and work on it. Death balances life, it is a transition that we all must go through.

Within draconian initiation, one encounters symbolic death at different stages or steps by the Tree of Night. In the Qlipha Samael, we drink the Poison of God and face our shadow, the one that fills us with doubts and questions, this is a very hard transition for every magician who goes through this Qlipha, since the death of the old self is something inevitable and therefore everything we considered useful, beautiful and exciting completely loses its meaning, many are the magicians who declare that their «powers» are diminishing and that there is nothing that comes out of them, this is a great test within this Qlipha, since that if we are not ready to go through this, it is most likely that we will perish in the attempt and remain completely stagnant, it is not an easy experience but if we overcome it we will have learned something very valuable that is the true initiation within the Left-Hand Path.

But there is another level where the magician has to face his real death, and it is in the Qlipha A’arab Zaraq, everything changes there, it is the last step within the astral plane and here many of us are the magicians who have had to face an experience close to death, of course, this is not something that always happens this way, but it is quite common.

Within the Draconian Path, there are two energies the Red Kundalini or the Red Dragon that the life force, the sexual or erotic drive, the desire for life, the will, and the passion, often expressed in Lilith. But there is another drive, the Thanatic or also known as The Black Dragon, the shadow of Kundalini. A mysterious force related to rot, death, shadow, and everything that is opposed to life. Working with this last force is a great challenge, you have to be prepared initially, many ritual works involve a journey to personal death, as well as constant work with Mortuary Gods or the Shadows of the Dead. Here necromancy plays a fundamental role in this part of the initiatory process, as well as the exploration of the Niantiel Tunnel, the one that connects A’arab Zaraq with the Thagirion, the astral plane with the mental plane.

But one might ask, why work with these energies? There is no one answer to this, each must find his reasons, in the initiatory journey, no two are the same, each magician discovers what he has to discover and sooner or later we will have to face these energies.

At the same time, evoking the shadow of a deceased person can be a very interesting practice, for example, if we evoke the shadow of a deceased magician we could have a lot of interesting information.

To finish, I leave you with a practice that can introduce you to contact with the energies of Dragon Noir:

Necromantic ritual to summon the shadows

This ritual serves as a preliminary exercise for necromancy practices and work with the energies of the Shadows. Help summon the elemental forces represented by the dark archetypes. This ritual strengthens the astral body of shadows. Prepare the ritual space with black candles and place symbols related to death, bones, skulls, some image of the Angel of Death, etc. on the altar. Light some sweet but strong incense such as opium. If the practice is done outside the door, choose somewhere like an old cemetery, a place where a tragedy or accident has happened, or any place where people have died.

Facing the altar, begin to breathe slowly, deeply and slowly to relax your body, focus your mind on the breath, with each inhalation feel how the energy fills your body, the energy enters through your feet, from the earth below you. When you feel ready, start with the ritual:

Lepaca Kliffoth!

May the power of the Great Dragon open the doors to the worlds of darkness and may his strength assist me in this call!

Facing the West:

I call you Anubis, lord of the necropolis, guardian of the tomb, lord of mummification!

Black jackal!

You who oversee the weight of hearts in the judgment of the dead, be my guide on the Other Side!

Open the way and make me sensitive in the vision of life after death!

Kebechet, the lady of water purification!

May the serpent guide me to the lands of darkness!

Purify my soul and free me from the bonds of the earth, so that my body may flow freely through the Realms of Darkness!

Imagine that the temple is filled with water cleaning your soul and dissolving your body.

Facing south:

I call you Lord of the Black Abyss, you who feed on the cursed bodies!


Lord of the Last Rite!

You who dwell in the crypts of Zul-Bha-Sair!

Open for me the ways to your temple!

Show me the ghostly shapes and cold temples of eternity!

Destroy what is mortal in my mind and fill it with the dark and eternal essence, with the elixir of immortality!

Nitocris, Lady of the Pyramids!

Open the portals to the streams of thought of the ancient inhabitants of Darkness!


Witness and guardian of this rite!

Imagine that the temple is full of fire, burning everything that is material, where only the emptiness of darkness remains around you.

Facing east:

I call you Azrael, Angel of Death!

You who separates the soul from the body and lead it to the Void of Eternity!

Messenger of God!

Tear with your sword the veils that surround me and let me see the light in the Dark!


Black Angel of Death and transformation, may your deadly poison become an elixir of immortality for me!

Imagine the sound of the wind, the wind clears the darkness from the void, and around you shine light from the darkness.

Facing north:

I call you Ereshkigal!

Come from your palace in Gaznir!

Destroy my attachments to the things of this world!

Let darkness and backlight burn once more in your underground realms!

May the seven demons of the Underworld, your messengers, come like hurricanes and expand the light of the Black Sun!


I want to be one with the energies of darkness!

Imagine that the earth below you disappears, all that is around you are shadows.


God of the spirits of death!

I’ll call you!

Emerge and come from the abyss of the night!

Shadows, ghosts, and gules!

Be my companions and guides in this dark hour!

May the Black Dragon awaken!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Daemon Barzai

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