Kali: A Journey to Death and the Void

My first encounter with the Goddess Kali came in one of my rituals in the Qlipha A’arab Zaraq. I always had great respect for this Goddess, but until now I had never worked with her. When she appeared in my vision, we had an intense talk where she presented herself and showed me her kingdom. All this aroused curiosity about this Goddess, she is a very complex deity, with many qualities, but the one that stands out the most is that of being a Goddess who gives life and also rules over death. As she is a Blood Goddess she has an intimate relationship with Gamaliel within the Night Tree, but she is not limited only to this sphere, Kali, is related to the mysteries of Death, so her connection with Satariel is very intimate, but it is also the dark womb, the Primal Chaos, the Dragon’s Womb, and it is there that we can find her beyond Thaumiel.

The encounter with Kali can be very refreshing but it can also be traumatic, everything will depend on which face she wants to show us. As a personal initiator on the path, she is a great teacher who can teach and initiate us into mysteries that are only known to those who have gone through this mystery.

This is a journey to personal death, a rite of transformation and rebirth in the womb of the Goddess, the experience can be traumatic and painful, but it is also comforting and refreshing. Kali here will be our guide to the Void. Without further ado let’s go to practice:

Kali’s Yantra

Decorate your altar in such a way that a suitable atmosphere is created for the ritual, you can use a statue of the Goddess Kali or simply the Yantra. Use black and red candles to decorate the altar, symbols of life and death, you can also put on your altar a skull, graveyard earth or ashes.

Kali often demands blood within her rituals, so you can use a few drops of your blood on the Yantra, but if you do not feel comfortable it is not an obligation but it is recommended. Another very useful element is a «Japa Mala» or Hindu Rosary, it will help you to perform the Kali mantra. Use some incense to accompany the ceremony, Sandalwood is ideal as is the incense of Roses.

When you are ready lights the candles, the incense and recites the Kali mantra 108 times, this will serve to make contact with the Goddess and take her inside you, while you perform the mantra focus all your attention on her Yantra.

Summoning Kali



Let the ritual begin!

Kali, Kali Ma, Kali Ka

Come to me, mighty Goddess,

The Lady who brings Life and Death,

Let me know the mysteries of your Black Womb,

Take me beyond life and death,

Let me know the splendor that hides the Primordial Void,

Tear the veil that covers the illusion and let me experience the joy of your totality.

In the Void lies your true power and your true face,

The one that only those who are chosen by you can contemplate,

Give me power and let me take this journey guided by your wise hand,

Just as you perform a Cosmic Dance on the body of your consort, Shiva,

I ask you to perform your cosmic dance on me,

Thus overcoming any weakness that I may have,

I want to emerge reborn in your Black Womb,

In the heart of the Void,

At the Dragon’s Power Center,

Kali I (magic name) call you by the following names:















In the name of the Dragon!

So be it!

The meditation

After the invocation, meditate for a few moments on the Kali energy and when you are ready, to begin the meditation, relax your body, put yourself in a comfortable position, close your eyes and begin to visualize that you are in a cemetery, it is old, it is night and the full moon illuminates the place. Walk for a few moments around the place, in the distance, you can see the smoke coming out of a crematorium, go there. Enter it and lie down on the ashes on the ground, whisper the name of KALI. She will appear in front of you, her face and body are covered in blood, she has a necklace of heads, in each of her hands she carries a different element, a gallows, a sword, a spear and a skull full of blood. She drinks from this skull and then invites you to drink from it too. Blood goes through your throat, it is an overwhelming but powerful experience. She will ask you if you are ready to make the trip, to which you must answer yes o not if you are not ready, it is better to be honest since this will be a trip to your death, where more beyond experiencing death, you will experience the power of the Void. If your answer is yes, she will start cutting your body into pieces, she will do it slowly, it will be a painful process. Once she is finished, your spirit will emerge from your body and you will be able to see your physical body pulled and dismembered. A vortex of black energy will open in front of you and you will be sucked into it. Once you are on the other side, you can only contemplate the darkness, a darkness that you have never seen before, at that moment it is Kali who appears before you and who will guide you through the journey to the Void, let the experience be natural.

When you are ready to return, just return to your normal state of consciousness.

Daemon Barzai


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