Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 8)

Qliphotic Magic and the Tree of Shadows as an initiatory map

Perhaps this is one of the most complex topics to understand theoretically for those who are just beginning the path, of course, there is an explanation about this, and it is what I will try to reveal in this entry. The first thing we have to understand is that the Qabalah system as an initiatory map is something that has developed extensively on esoteric orders such as the «Golden Dawn» and that its dark aspects are something relatively new, Dragon Rouge was the one who popularized it as a model to follow for initiation. But the truth is that there is very little information on the subject and the few writings that do exist are cryptic, seem meaningless, or are complex enough to understand, to quote just one «Nightside of Eden» by Kenneth Grant. It is not a bad read at all if we manage to get past the first pages and not die of boredom. The book that comes closest to having a coherent idea about the Night Tree and a possible working system is «Qabalah, Qlipoth and Goetic Magic» by Thomas Karlsson, especially the third edition.

But beyond these books, which can give us a theoretical understanding of the subject, the reality, like everything on this path, what matters is a direct and personal experience, something that does not contain any text. For each person, the trip will be completely different, and although some ideas have been established of what each Qlipha represents, like its Tunnels, there will not be two the same experiences, it will not even be possible to establish linearly the time that each one will remain learning or working in these worlds, while for some it will be a matter of a few months, there will be others that will be years.

I intend to give you a clear vision of what the Tree is to me, first I see it as a map, and as a map, personally, it serves me as not to lose myself in the enormous worlds beyond the veil. This map allows me to have an order and an organization about my spiritual advancement. At the same time, I believe that each Qlipha represents both a stage of the consciousness of the initiate and different worlds in which one travels astral/dreamlike, where we find allies (gods, demons and other creatures that do not belong to our reality) and win profound changes in our consciousness and new skills.

The work in each of the Qlipoth, as in their respective Tunnels, is also a personal challenge, something that makes us go through an alchemical process of change and transformation, we pass different tests that the ruling demons of each Qlipha put on us and, as I said before, we gain skills and allies who teach us what we must learn. If we follow this thought, this explains why each experience is unique, because it is not possible to have a teacher to guide us, as there is also so little information on the subject. As these experiences are very intimate, few are the magicians who want to expose this in a book. Let us think that we must face our darkness to emerge reborn, and this often involves breaking with personal taboos and a better understanding of our spirituality.

Something that I would also like to make clear, I have recently seen that many who write about qliphotic magic and initiation, only highlight the darker side of the process, following this, it would seem that everything is a great ordeal, a great test, perpetual suffering where we must be prepared to lose everything we have achieved. In my experience, it is not like that, one has to be willing to change, but we have to take care of them, self-responsibility, it is not possible to say that because we do this, our lives were destroyed as part of a test, ordeal or initiatory processes. To be even clearer, with each initiation, we are supposed to have internal changes, this leads us to be more aware of our reality, internal and external, this logically entails a change of conscious attitude, which leads us to things around us change. But, we will be the ones to bring about these changes, so if one becomes detached from something or loses interest in such and such, after going through an initiatory process, it is normal, and this will be because this or that situation no longer affects us or it’s not useful in our lives, or that (a relationship, friends, careers, work, etc.) has completed a cycle and it is time to make way for new things.

If we start this path with fear and insecurity, we will likely have «a bad trip» because that is what we will expect, consciously or unconsciously, and that is just what will happen. Approach the trip as serious and with respect, it is not the same as with fear and insecurity, one has to prepare for this, give us our times for each initiation process, this is not a race to see who arrives faster, but it is something spiritual and unique.

Since Qliphotic magic is so complex, to explain the methods one can employ, I should just sit down and write about it, and maybe in the future, I will, but for now, I can only give you some helpful tips.

First, the journey is not linear, but rather cyclical, that we go through a Qlipha or a Tunnel and have made an initiation ritual there, does not mean that the next time we explore these regions we will not have something new.

Each Qlipha, like each Tunnel, has its ruling gods/demons and we must develop a good relationship with them so that they open the portals to their kingdoms, teach us what we have to learn and gain new skills. This assumes that we already have a good base on the path, we will have already made our first initiation in the Draconian Current and we have developed the basic skills of invocation, evocation, scrying, and dreamwork. We should not be experts but at least we should have to be able to achieve contact with the Other Side, otherwise, we are not ready and it is not convenient to venture into these kingdoms.

For the most part, Qliphotic magic demands the use of blood, at least small sacrifices of our vital essence, it acts as a key, it is the one that opens the doors to these kingdoms and their beings. If you are not comfortable using blood magic, you will rarely be able to advance on this path.

There are no right or wrong methods to work with the Tree of Shadows, there are only different methods, some will be more effective than others, but in the end, each magician develops his own, this will make him inspired by his work and the teachings that go receiving on his travels. This may be useful for others in some cases and others completely useless, but for the first steps, it is not wrong to follow some third-party systems that have been tested with good results.

Finally, it is not an obligation that to follow the Draconian Path one must travel and take the initiation in the Qlipoth, one can only take the initiation in the Current without ever going through these processes. Although the initiation will not be complete, this will depend on the personal ambitions of each magician. But before making a decision, you have to think that once the journey begins, it is no longer possible to go back, simply when these gates are opened, they can no longer be closed and no matter how much we leave everything behind, their influence will continue to act in our lives, this is why you have to do things with awareness and not as a mere hobby.

I hope this helps a little to better understand all this that I know from my own experience that can be very complex to understand.

Daemon Barzai

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