Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 3)

What is magic and how to start practicing it?

Defining with words what is magic is something that can never be complete, the magic to understand it must be lived first, only afterward can you have an internal understanding of it. Magic has existed since the world is a world and since the first human being was on this planet, with the passage of time and its evolution, it has been refined and classified according to the spiritual philosophy that accompanied it, as well as according to its function and purpose. This is why today we can find many branches of magic: ceremonial, chaos, draconian, Enochian, qliphotic, vampiric, low, high, black, white, and thus we can continue listing all day.

Now, magic can be a simple practice, or it can be something spiritual and full of mysteries, everything will depend on the approach that is given. This guide is about the draconian the left-hand path, so I will focus on this, everything else, tell yourself other traditions, I will not address them or only mention them as to make some kind of comparison or clarify some point. However, it is highly recommended that you seek, research and read everything you can. Knowledge never hurts and serves to keep an open mind and to understand how others see magic, as well as to see if we feel identified with another philosophy that goes better with us.

It is important to approach this with an open mind, without dogmas, without unbreakable rules. There are no «right» ways to approach magic, there are only different visions and schools trying to classify and organize such work. However, something that must be taken into account is that it is not possible to be a theoretical magician, magic is based on the practice of it, not on talking or reading about it. If we only theorize about it, then we will be theoretical occultists, but we will never have the title of a magician.

Draconian magic, as I have briefly told you before, is magic that finds inspiration in different cultures, religions, and forms of magical thought, where the figure of the dragon and the serpent plays an important role, hence it is possible to work with different rituals inspired by Egyptian, Babylonian, Sumerian, Mayan gods, etc. The path sees the dragon as a primal force, older than man, that exists before time. The dragon is the womb of life, but it is also the womb of chaos. In many of these representations it is feminine, and others can be masculine, it all depends on the culture in which it is sought, but the true dragon is not a defined figure or a single god/goddess, but is something without form, sex, without a name, but this force is manifested before the man in different ways, with different masks, that allows us to work with one aspect of that force, but no one can work with all of it since its power is so immense that it would not be possible for someone to fully experience it in a normal state. Thus, the primeval dragon has manifested itself throughout history with different masks, Tiamat, Tanin’iver, Leviathan, Apophis, Typhoon, and even Lilith in some of its variables. I hope this illustrates a little the idea behind the dragon.

But this chapter is not just about clarifying this, but how to start practicing magic. From my experience, magic is something that can be learned, but it requires a lot of training, effort, and time. Some people have an innate talent for magic, however, these are exceptional cases. But with discipline, you can acquire the skills required to transform into a true magician. Those things to keep in mind is that this is not a hobby or something that can be done simply when you feel like it and there is nothing better, true magic is an initiatory path that will lead to self-deification. Although this sounds very promising, there are many risks that you have to be willing to take, many changes that you have to accept, and, above all, we must bear in mind that the path produces changes both in the consciousness of the initiate and in his life. You have to be ready for these changes, they are often unexpected and they become tortuous and dark, things are lost in the middle, friends, relatives, couples, jobs, and careers, you have to be ready for this, you have to adapt life to the path and not the other way around, if you are ready for this, great things await you, but if you do not want to leave the comfort of a quiet life and do not want to undergo any kind of unexpected change, this path is not for you.

Before starting the fun part, you need to learn the basics of magic and train the skills that will be necessary to then do advanced work. If we do not know how to meditate or awaken the power within us, it will be very difficult to achieve a physical manifestation of an evoked entity, or we will not be able to generate changes in the physical plane through a ritual. While this form of magic is one of the fastest, it is also the most time-consuming. Once you cover the theoretical aspects of all this, there will be a magical training that will need to be done before taking the initiation into the current.

But since I do not want to make you very dizzy, for now, we have finished, in the next posts, I will cover essential aspects of the philosophy of the Left-Hand Path and some other things that I consider useful for all those who want to start.


Daemon Barzai

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