Introduction to the Draconian Path (Part 16)

Teachers of the Night Vision

On the Draconian path, we see spirits, demons, and gods as real beings that live on another plane of reality and do not represent things that we should fear, or leave out of our circle. We accept the fact that they are possible allies and the real teachers of this path. For a traditional magician who follows the teachings of the right-hand path, this could, and indeed is, regarded as a dangerous thing that can lead anyone to dangerous extremes, and it is true, but the path itself is not a free risk. Risks, on the contrary, the danger is part of all this and seeking self-deification is something that in itself supposes something beyond human limitations, that is, to be at the height of the gods and not be subordinate to them, supposes being able to confront things, situations, ordeals, tests, etc. Now, all aspiring to be a Draconian Magician, must learn and have fully developed all their astral abilities, this is not only limited to being able to «see» with the mind’s eye or have the odd dream, but this is also fine to start with, but for anyone who wants to follow a serious initiation path, it is not enough. Developing astral skills fully is something that takes time, and will require a lot of effort on the part of each of you.

Here I will expose you some exercises that I think will be extremely useful so that you can develop your astral skills, these exercises take time and you must take the time that is necessary before moving forward, although they may be simple at first, the real control and real progress will take a while. The exercises that I will expose are related to Goetic meditations, Evocation, and Practices related to dreams. The spirits with whom you will work come from the Grimorium Verum and their abilities have to do with visions, dreams, and astral projection. My recommendation is that you dedicate at least one week to each of the practices with each of the spirits, that is to say, that the work with each entity in total will be three weeks, the idea is that there are no interruptions of any kind unless it is completely necessary, do not interrupt the exercises. Anyway between exercise and exercise you can take a day or two of rest, this will allow you to stabilize the energies.

Week 1

Meditation with the Sigil of Klepoth

Sigil of Klepoth

Begin by performing the Kundalini meditation followed by the Dragon Ceremony, this will allow you not only to charge your astral body with energy but also to tune your mind with the energies of the Current. Place the sigil of the spirit on your altar, light two black candles on the sides of the sigil and light some incense, I can recommend sandalwood that comes in handy for this. Get into a comfortable position, observe the sigil and start reciting the name «Klepoth» as a mantra, allow the sigil to fill your mind, but do not force any experience, let it flow naturally. At least you should dedicate no less than 30/45 minutes to meditation, at the end thank the spirit and write down any experience you have had, it does not matter if it seems irrelevant, be it a thought, an image, a feeling, keep a record . Do this practice for at least a week, but you can extend it if you think it is necessary.

Thank you for reading.

Daemon Barzai

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