Finding your way

Many people enter into magic believing they automatically have to find a specialization in this or that magical model, be aware that here I am not talking about the philosophy of the Left/Right Path; this is already more than discussed. It is clear that if you are reading this is because you are already clear about the fundamental philosophical differences. Here we are talking about the magical models, the forms, the mechanisms, the pantheons, and the methods we use to work our magic. In my experience, one does not have to follow a model from the beginning; the most convenient and logical thing is for people to study different systems, to see what each one proposes, and then, as a matter of affinities, to go deeper into this, balancing theory with practice.

            No model is better or worse than another; this is important to be clear from the beginning. Things have to do with a matter of affinity, no more, no less. And something significant is that the models are not something static; it is not engraved on a stone, and if we work with a model, we can use another. While things are not fixed or pre-destined, we must also appeal to logic; things have a maturation time, so we can not just start with a magic model and then get out of this and enter another one the next day; it will not be the best because you will not be able to understand what that system has to offer, so before jumping into another system, take your time, go deep, and then decide. Let us remember that magic has no dogmas, or at least that is how I like to see things; there are no absolute truths, and each one with his spirituality and initiation must do what is best for himself, and this is something that only we can determine. However, we can receive the suggestion of a person with more experience than us in magic, and in the end, we will be the ones who will do things.

            Before determining which models to use, learning the essentials, the basics of magic is our priority, knowing to meditate, learning to feel the energy, trance, the use of symbols, a little bit of sorcery, divination, astral projection, working with dreams, invocation/evocation and creating your rituals, etc. are essential elements to start talking. So, first of all, this, then you can focus your efforts on this or that magical tradition or model.

            For example, in my case, I can say that I started with the Left Path when I was initiated into Satanism. After some years, I met the Draconian Path, which I specialized in. This led me to form some strong pillars within my magic system; for example, the Daemonic Feminine was, is, and will be a pillar in my magic, but in the middle, I found many tools that allowed me to develop myself on a spiritual and magical level, for example, the Lovecraftian Current, or even I have experimented with many things, some had more continuity than others, but all were things that helped me to form my magic system. This was a process of learning, studying, putting things into practice, and seeing what results I was getting. Throughout all these years, I have tried some models or systems that did not prosper, and I did not feel the affinity and passion one needs with some things. Maybe it was not the right time; perhaps it never will be; I do not know. Everything served me, even that which I do not use today. That’s why I always recommend you study and test, and only when you are sure to go deeper with a system you feel is for you, go ahead. But keep your mind open because new things may appear.

            Magic is a mystery, amazement, and empowerment. Magic is constantly in motion and is dynamic, we must learn to work with the various flows that it proposes, and for this, we must have an open mind, get out of the dogma that has no place, and seek to work with those elements that are useful for your magical and personal growth.

Good magic.

Daemon Barzai.

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