Dragons and Serpents of the Abyss (III)


The Great Serpent of the Nether Waters

Sigil of Leviathan

I honestly consider it a more complex manifestation of the Serpent/Dragon to be able to speak, since the experience is so personal, that it is difficult to describe in words what it is like to work with this divinity. On the one hand, and for some myths, it is a female entity, for others, it is male, although it can be both. In my experience, Leviathan is the synthesis of opposites, and in a way, it is the transcendence of duality. It is believed that from the unholy union of Samael and Lilith, a sea beast known as Tanin’iver is born, which for many is nothing more than Leviathan himself. Of course, this is a concept that we can discuss, and there will be those who say yes and others who say no. In my concept, it may be, I cannot affirm or deny the personal experience of other magicians.

Leviathan is that divinity that makes us transcend the barrier of opposites, unifying both forces, and somehow serves as a link between the physical plane and the reality beyond. But at the same time, it is a primal and cosmic force, hence in many rituals, the visions are confusing for many magicians. Many people are dizzy after the rituals with Leviathan because their message is so vast and in some cases so stellar that they simply do not understand what they have experienced. Of course, this has to do with the initiatory level in which they are. Many times it happens that they grasp something that is beyond the level of understanding of the moment and that is why it becomes confusing.

In traditions such as Demonolatry, Leviathan occupies a central place and is invoked for very practical purposes, since it has to do with water, it is a guardian of the circle but it is also the one who governs emotions, intuition, and the astral plane. Something very interesting that I see in this is the two «opposites», that is, on the one hand, we have cosmic visions of a dragon/snake that comes from the abysmal waters, and on the other hand, we have a much more elemental invocation of its energy and applied towards a much more practical end such as achieving direction of the emotions. And perhaps you are wondering: which of the two is okay? Answer: both. I believe that this path has to do with balance, I believe that this has already been read to me thousands of times, one thing does not invalidate the other. I consider that one can invoke the essence of a god, demons, or force, for a practical purpose, we absorb their energy and seek their guidance to produce a change in our reality through a focused will. Well, as I always say, as long as we have a physical body, no matter how advanced we are in the Qlipoth (assuming we follow this map) we will continue to be human, with needs, desires, and things that in one way or another connect us with it here and now. I maintain, this is not bad, on the contrary, if we do not have to eat, we cannot buy candles for our rituals, if we feel alone and do not experience the joy of love, I doubt very much that it will satisfy us to invoke a primordial god, if not we have somewhere to live and we get cold, I doubt that we want to do an outdoor ceremony. And all this reflection is because Leviathan is the one that unites the opposites, the above with the below, the astral plane with the material, and in one way or another it teaches us the balance of opposites, which is what they are, opposites, not enemies.

Having said that, I leave you a ritual of invocation to Leviathan, a ritual that always brings changes, internal and external, and that everything depends on the approach we give it is what we will obtain. That is, if we seek to connect with its most stellar side, it is just what we will see and experience, complex images, dreams, and visions, and if we focus on its most elemental side, perhaps we will have its guidance and energy in things that have to do with dreams, emotions, the astral, and all elements that we relate to water.

For the next ritual, decorate your altar with some black candles, and a blue one. In your chalice, put seawater, or water with coarse salt. The sigil of Leviathan will be the focal point for the ritual. When you are ready to begin, recite like a mantra 11 times:

«Leviathan, Tanin’iver, Liftoach Kliffoth»

Then raise your dagger and begin the invocation:

In Nomine Draconis!

Waterdeep Dragon,

Who Rules in the Cosmic Oceans of the Universe,

Wake up one more time

And come to my call,

I (magic name), call you to (state the intention of your ritual).

Comic snake,

May your poison consume the veils that separate the worlds,

May the realities intersect once more

May your power emerge within me,

So I can transcend duality,

And I will see beyond the illusion.

Mighty Netherwater Dragon,

Who announces his presence with lightning and thunders,

Stir up the Astral Waters,

And manifest your infinite presence in this temple of flesh,

My mind is your vessel

And my soul is your altar,

Come down on me now

Showing me what I have to see.

In Nomine Draconis!

Ho Ophis Ho Archaios!

Ho Drakon Ho Megas!

Open your mind to experience, let Leviathan show you what you have to see. When you want to finish, thank Leviathan and close the ritual.

Thank you for reading.

Daemon Barzai.

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