Darkness and Light on the Draconian Path

Light and Darkness, Darkness and Light, concepts, ideas, and appreciations of two elements that are easy and complex to understand and internalize at the same time. Needless to say, in this article, I will not be able to resolve the eternal conflict on the matter. I only intend to comment a little on the subject according to my experience.

The first thing we must understand is that the universe we know is bipolar, that is to say, that duality is present in each one of the things, and in this concept, we find Darkness and Light. One element cannot coexist without the other, that is, there cannot be complete Light without the presence of Darkness. To deny any of the aspects is to deny an essential part of reality and the universe in which we find ourselves. However, one of the main conflicts that exist, is the moral ascription that is placed on this, without more it is a simple error that has been imposed by the dominant and monotheistic religions, or in other words, Light = Good, Dark = Evil. , but as we can already suppose, this is not the case and morality is an independent element of the universe, it is human and formed by social appreciations and conditioning. With this, I mean that what for me can be good, for another bad, is relative and should not be placed hand in hand with the concepts of Light and Dark.

Now, what do I understand by Light and Darkness? At first, you can talk about a complex concept, with a multiplicity of elements and interpretations, which progress as we also advance on our spiritual path. In other words, my understanding of this has varied enormously over the years, and today I perceive both elements in a different way than I did in my early days.

Because I do not like to get into issues of Psychology, here I am not going to talk about things like the Ego, because I am not a Psychologist and I consider that magic is a bit outside of this, although the mental factor is Very important, I do not think we can mix everything and develop a solid concept, but it is a cheap mix of nonsense words.

So, the first thing we can assert is that our perception of the universe is a bipolar domain, this bipolarity affects both the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, due to this, we perceive and decode the divinities, gods, and demons as masculine and feminine. It is because of this bipolarity that we endow them with human qualities, and we identify them with gender. In turn, we endow these divinities with qualities, some belong to the Light and others to the Dark. But let’s get to the point even more … what do we understand by Darkness? As I said, there are many ways to respond to this, but in the dark resides what is hidden, lies the night, the forbidden, fear, what we do not understand or do not know, those aspects of our human being that you don’t know that they are there, our divine potential, and so we can go on forever. Whereas Light can be a state of knowledge, of conscious awareness, of clarity. One element is subject to the other. We could say inseparable from each other. At a certain point in the initiatory process, the adept discovers how to fuse both concepts, and learns to work with both in a state of complete harmony and balance.

Within the Draconian Tradition, one element cannot be without the other, and while we are working within the structures of the known universe, we must learn to work with both polarities, only in this way can real progress be obtained without limitations. And the first step for this is to remove the moral burdens, own as imposed by others, opening our mind and embracing the polarities as an essential element for our progress on the path of self-salvation and self-deification.

Thanks so much for reading.

Daemon Barzai

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