Clauneck and the lesser magic

-First part-

Dear readers, I hope everyone has started the year very well and with a lot of energy. I want to open the year on the blog by touching on a topic that I think is very interesting and useful or at least that is the idea, that it is useful. First I want to discuss once again the subject of lesser magic. Of course what I am going to say here is from my perspective and experience within the Draconian Path, which I do not mean to say that it is the same for all magical schools.

By lesser magic, we must understand any ritual that involves the use of magic to transform or change our material reality: love, money, success, revenge, etc. This magic fulfills a principle that says that the ritual is performed on the physical plane, impacts and takes shape on the astral plane, and manifests again on the physical plane. Here I am not going to talk about all the possible uses that are within these forms of magic, it is not the purpose of this post. In particular, I want to focus on the use of lesser magic in rituals of prosperity and success, and in particular in some tips and rituals with the Demon Clauneck. But before moving on, there are some things that I think need clarification. Many people believe that a successful magician is one who has material achievements and does not lack money. This is not real, a successful magician is a magician who is good with magic, in any case, he can be a good magician in magic and also good in business, but this no longer depends on a ritual, but on the ability to person. On the other hand, many believe that the material world is «bad» and that a magician should get as far away from all this as possible and only focus on magical realism since everything would be a construction of an evil entity that only wants to imprison us and a long, etc. You know that I do not share this vision at all, since it seems to be a very dualism of monotheistic religions. However, I’m not here to discuss whether or not there is an evil Demiurge.

Within the Draconian Path, we work hard to unite the opposites. In fact, in some part of the path, one transcends the idea of duality. But for this to work, we must have a balance between the spiritual world, and the material world. Our body is a temple, and there is nothing wrong with having materially beautiful things, eating tasty food, traveling, etc. In other words, there is nothing wrong with seeking success on the material plane using our magic. However, as you may know, everything has a cost, and this is not without risk. Part of the balance has to do with not falling into the illusion of the material plane, getting stuck there and not continuing to progress on the path, and although in theory, this seems easy, I have seen several potential magicians fall into the fantasy of material success leaving magic in the last place of his life.

But in addition to all that has been said, before any magical operation, we must have magical realism, and this is a somewhat complicated issue. Firstly because we must understand how magic is going to manifest itself in our lives, in this way we will avoid falling into fantasies or be waiting for something that will never happen. The first issue that must always be borne in mind before any magical operation is that the entities with whom we work or are going to work, are our guides and mentors, not our slaves, they have no obligation to help us and if they do it is just because they want it to. Taking this into account, we must always have an attitude of respect towards the spiritual world.

Something very important to be successful in this type of magical operation is knowing what we want to achieve, this is fundamental. It happens that many times we perform rituals with very broad purposes and this causes the energy to be channeled incorrectly, suffering a dispersion of it, and having poor results and far from what we want to achieve. Thus, if we want money, we cannot just say I want money and wait passively for it to appear out of nowhere or for a demon to make it appear to us. Money is very broad and can come in an infinite number of ways. So, what we are going to have to do is be clear, precise, and concrete with what we want to achieve, in this way we will have tangible results. Another question and not least, realism.  Performing a ritual for money is not going to make you a millionaire or famous, it simply is not how magic works. What the ritual is going to do is help you help yourself. The summoned energies will seek to shape your desire by manifesting itself in the best possible place. Translated more simply, if you perform a ritual to get a job, you cannot wait passively for it to come to your house, you have to go looking for it.

In summary of this first part, magic can be a great tool for you to achieve achievements in your material life, this is not prohibited, it is not bad and on the contrary, it would be logical for you to use it when you need to do so. Only that you must take into account the aforementioned points, be realistic in the results you are going to obtain, have respect for the forces summoned in the ritual, and have an open and active attitude after your rituals.

In the second part, we will focus on some ceremonies with the Demon Clauneck, who specializes in matters related to wealth and treasures.

Daemon Barzai

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