A small introduction to «Folk Magic» and its importance in the initiation

It may sound a little repetitive but it is important to keep this in mind, the draconian initiation is different for each adept, each one confronts what he has to confront, goes through the tests that he has to pass and grows in time in the time that he has to grow up. But there is something that is for everyone and that is that we live in Malkuth, in the kabbalistic sense, this represents the earth, the material plane, and although the idea behind the path is to find self-deification, many times we come across needs in this plane, in the here and now. Problems or desires that have to do with the material, emotional, or even revenge questions. We cannot omit that we are human beings above all, and as humans we have passions, desires, and longings. Is this wrong? Of course not, life and initiation have to be in balance, one thing cannot exist without the other and therefore every adept must live in balance both with his being and with the cosmic drives. Ego, passions, and desires are overwhelmingly abolished by the right-hand path, is this wrong? Well no, of course not, each path has its pros and cons, but what matters is that each one can walk the path that one likes, makes happy, etc.

On this path, accepting passions and material desires is not something that has to be taken lightly either, if I only dedicate myself to passions and desires, I remain stagnant, I am a prisoner of my own shadow and I won’t have an initiatory advance. Instead, I seek a balance between my daily reality and my spiritual reality, which is not something external or remote, it is something that is with us every day.

But this entry has to do with «folk magic», which is nothing more or less than forms of popular magic, magic that we can find in all the cultures and civilizations of the world. The witch uses her intuition and nature to find the components she needs to be able to perform her spell. Witchcraft is a practice often based on elemental forces, beyond the deities to which it is invoked, that this is another topic and gives for another entry.

Magic works as follows: the magician/witch performs his spell in Malkuth/Lilith (the earth), this spell takes shape in Yesod/Gamaliel (the astral plane) and comes to manifest in Malkuth/Lilith (the earth), this it is so regardless of the type of spell that is cast, love, money, revenge, etc. I am going to try to explain this easily, when we execute the spell here, in our temple we make use of material elements such as herbs, candles, crystals, dolls, blood, etc. through intense visualization, desire, will, and invocation/evocation rituals, the spell is «transported» to the astral plane, takes shape, and manifests again on the material plane, where the magician/witch has concrete results from her wish.

Now, each spell is unique and it is good to find the formulas that work for us, this does not mean that we can take any element and makes this a spell, it is necessary to study on correspondences, properties of herbs, the colors, crystals, etc. There are thousands of books and information on the net that talk about this, so it will not be very difficult for you to find information. But, beyond the possible «cookbooks» on witchcraft and folk magic that you find out there, the use of intuition is extremely important. For example, let’s imagine for a few moments that we want to execute a prosperity spell, we find something that convinces us, but at that moment, something internally say that we should change something of this «recipe», it is good to follow this intuition and make this something personal, because it is our desire, so what better than to give our imprint to our spell?

Beyond this, before doing anything, we always have to appeal to logic, although magic often works in irrational ways, or rather, in ways in which we are not yet able to explain, logic is our friend and not an enemy. If I perform a ritual for material abundance, you cannot wait for the money to rain down from the sky or walk and find thousands of $$$ in the middle of the street. So I must be aware that magic is going to help me but I have to help it too. If you want to perform a love spell or any spell that influences another person’s will, I must first know how this works. Executing our will on another is possible, but it does not last forever, rather I could say that it is a passing thing and that as a general rule it is not something that ends on good terms. If the person does not want to be with us and we «force» him through a spell, he is being the victim of our enchantment but he will not feel true love, but a psychic-spiritual influence and nothing else. You have to see this type of spell as a kind of battery that over time runs out and unless we apply a spell every so often this will end, on the other hand, the psychic mechanisms of the other person become stronger and we will always have to do something stronger. Therefore, we must use the spells of love with a conscience, if there is no other way and knowing that it will not be forever nor will there be true love.

Come on a spicy point, curses and offensive magic, curses, magic attacks are something real, and while I do not adhere to any theory of karma, I also do not recommend abuse of this type of magic. To make a curse effective you have to have a great feeling of hatred and rancor, it is the only real way it works, spells, whatever they are, are driven by desires and feelings, and by creative visualization. We have to be able to generate very harmful feelings for a curse to take effect. The risks of this are several, but if done correctly they are very effective. If we magically attack a person who is involved in any magical path, we will most likely have a return of our «favor», no one stands idly by while attacking him, if people are very well protected magically it will be difficult to reach and it is more than certain that we also have some adverse effect on our lives, not to confuse this with karma. On the other hand, these types of spells generate a dense psychic-spiritual atmosphere, so I always recommend that after this type of work, perform some type of magical cleansing, purification rituals, and exercises for the ascension of energy.

Why is this important on the initiatory path? Well, those of us who follow and make use of the Dark Tree, our second initiation occurs in Gamaliel, the dark side of the moon. This Qlipha has an intimate relationship with witchcraft, since it is the Moon Goddess who guides us in this process, and it is here where this type of magic is most used. Sorcery and «folk magic» are an integral part of the initiatory process. It is elementary, you have to know it. Although it is necessary to have previous training in basic magic to reach this point and for a spell to work, this will have to be learned sooner or later. Part of the initiation in Gamaliel, has to do with learning the mysteries of moon magic, witchcraft, vampirism, necromancy at basic levels, etc.

Although these rituals are not usually complex, they require the magician to have concentration, visualization, energy management skills, and, to a greater or lesser extent, have some control over his astral abilities. Here entities may or may not intervene, it is not always necessary to use deities, but it is something that is used a lot. Goddesses like Hecate, Lilith, Naamah, etc. They are excellent guides in the mysteries of witchcraft, but also gods like Pan, Samael, or Lucifer are the other masters of this art.

I hope you liked this little introduction to Folk Magic and that the Witch Gods are with you.

Daemon Barzai

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